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Posted by Faraz on January 17th, 2020

The global 3D cell culture market is growing at a CAGR of 15.0% during the forecast period (2018-2023). The advancement and use of 3D cell cultures in drug discovery are becoming more prevalent. Drug discovery is a long, complex process with growing difficulty. 3D cell cultures are now being used extensively in the early drug discovery process, starting from disease modeling to target identification and validation, screening, and safety assessment. Primary cells, animal models and recombinant cell lines are widely used for drug development and drug testing. 3D cell culture technology is widely used for drug development and biosensors. 

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Companies that specialize in 3D cell culture technologies are emerging such as Organovo Holdings, Inc., MIMETAS, Cellspring, Corning Inc., 3D Biomatrix, Inc., 3D Biotek LLC, and Nano 3D Biosciences.

Due to simple, fast and cost-effective technology, 3D cell culture is becoming a more efficient substitute to avoid large scale and cost-intensive animal testing for extracting the biological data of various cells, micro-organisms and tissues. The technology provides an artificial environment created to perform biological experiments on cells, micro-organisms and tissues for the physiological information. The physiological information supports the development of predictive data in order to develop medical solutions for targeted diseases such as cancer and infertility problems. The 3D cell culture industry diagnoses cell growth conditions, cell proliferation, population, and gene and protein expression profiles. 

With the biological data obtained by 3D cell, culture experiments pharmaceutical R&D develops the disease-specific medical solutions. 3D cell culture market is supporting the pharmaceutical R&D by improving the drug development process for various diseases. The cell culture with the support of cell models such as stem cells and primary cells generates an effective diagnosis. Diagnosis helps to gather information about the efficacy and toxicity of the cells, micro-organisms and tissues in the human body before the clinical trials for drug development. 3D cell culture technology is growing its prevalence in the pharmaceutical industry due to the increasing demand for oral solution for various infectious diseases across the globe. 

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Additionally, tissue engineering is one of the major applications in the 3D cell culture market. Tissue engineering incorporates cell physiology with suitable biochemical factors and engineering methods for the development of alternative organs. Altogether, tissue engineering is also being used for regenerative medicines application. The regenerative medicines sector is rapidly an emerging application area of tissue engineering as the pharmaceutical industry is turning towards regenerative organs. Collaborations between pharmaceutical R&D and private companies are acting as a catalyst to the market growth for 3D cell culture technology. These collaborations and organic investments are providing an edge for the market players engaged in tissue engineering using 3D cell culture technology.

Global 3D Cell Culture Market - Segment

By Type

Scaffold-Based 3D Cell-Culture Method

  • Hydrogels 
  • Others (Solid Scaffolds)
  • Scaffold-Free 3D Cell Culture Method 
  • Forced-Floating Method
  • Hanging Drop Method
  • Agitation Based Method
  • Microfluidics Based 3D Cell Culture
  • Magnetic Levitation & 3D Bioprinting

By Product Type

Scaffold-Based 3D Cell-Culture Method

  • Hydrogels/ECM Analogs
  • Solid Scaffolds
  • Micropatterned Surfaces

Scaffold-Free 3D Cell Culture Method 

  • Low-Adhesion Microplates
  • Hanging Drop Plates
  • 3D Bioreactors
  • 3D Petri Dishes

By Application 

  • Cancer and Stem Cell Research
  • Drug Discovery
  • Toxicology
  • Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine

By End-User

  • Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Companies 
  • Research Institutes

Global 3D Cell Culture Market – Regional

North America           

  • US
  • Canada


  • Germany
  • UK
  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Rest of Europe


  • China
  • Japan
  • India
  • Rest of Asia-Pacific

Rest of the World

  • Middle East & Africa 
  • Latin America 

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