Cannabis Smoke Vs Tobacco Smoke: Is It Harmful?

Posted by CanexUK on January 17th, 2020

Are you a smoker? If yes, it is important to know how impactful Cannabis Smoke Vs Tobacco Smoke is and which is safer to health. As per research, several properties of Cannabis make it less harmful than tobacco smoking. We know that tobacco and Cannabis are completely different from each other and have their effect on individual health when smoked. As a general rule in Cannabis Smoke Vs Tobacco Smoke, there are different negative consequences noted. Whether you are smoking tobacco or Cannabis, both have their specific impact on the health of a human.

If scientific data is to be believed, smoking tobacco may result in lung cancer, but Cannabis Smoke has not shown any consequence of cancer. This is considered as the major difference between the Cannabis Smoke Vs Tobacco Smoke. Tobacco contains nicotine and Cannabis smoke contains cannabinoids; both of them have their impact on the life of an individual. Smoking cannabis has shown a negative impact on the respiratory system and even to the conversion of respiratory cells. The research carried recently clearly shows that there is no relationship between Cannabis Smoke and cancer, but this may lead to cellular damage.

Along with this, Cannabis Smoke improves the chances to kill numerous cancer types like breast, prostate, lung, skin, glioma, and pheochromocytoma. Further, the use of Cannabis or Tobacco in the form of smoke may also lead to genetic changes that may further lead to a carcinogenic state.  Both Cannabis and tobacco smoking release chemicals that cause pleasure, coordination, congestion and memory loss to smokers. However, the negative impact includes changes in visual perception, loss of sense of time, euphoria and impaired memory.

Tobacco smoking also leads to several physical and mental risks like inability to achieve sexual arouse, lung diseases, inability to get pregnant, decreased immunity, anxiety, mental illness, and agitation. Cannabis Smoke also causes different mental and physical problems. Therefore, where comparing Cannabis Smoke Vs Tobacco Smoke neither is safe than others. Therefore, for people who are addicted to any of such smoking, it is best to look for the right reputable treatment program to get out of this addiction.

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