What Are Different Types Of Outdoor Furniture Materials That Can Be Used?

Posted by Patio Bay on January 17th, 2020

If you are designing a home outdoor area, you may want to use this place for a relaxing time. This can also be an excellent place to celebrate children's birthdays in the home and save a lot. However, it is important to think about the material to make when buying outdoor furniture to make sure it suits your lifestyle and budget while looking good and durable.The cheapest is not necessarily the best choice, as with most things. Even if your investment is low, fresh outdoor furniture can last much longer. However, there are numerous choices when it comes to materials made of such furniture.

Here is a list to help you decide:


Stone is something which lasts for a lifetime while being expensive and heavy. It is difficult and cold to sit on. You'll need comfortable coats and a rug or two.


Hardwood furnishings last a long time because, as its name suggests, the wood is far harder and longer-lasting use than pines. It's heavier, too, so you won't be able to lift it. For different looks, you can paint or oil it. Furniture made of boat wood is especially worthy of mention because it is recycled from old boats, making it look very attractive and surely resists a wet environment. Different Patio Dining Tables can be made in Hardwood material.


Softwood such as pines must be treated in wet weather to prevent rotting. It doesn't always protected even after painting. When you will search for Dining Chairs Canada, you will find that they are made mostly of Softwood.


Aluminium furniture is very light and durable, but in windy areas or during a storm it can blow over. If left out in a storm, it can also dent or twist. Various Dining Chairs Canada can have legs made of Aluminium material.

Rattan or Wicker

These furniture are strong, light and comes in many different designs and colours, made of thin strands of cane or occasionally paper, woven together and covered. But for an outdoor area without element protection it may not be the best type. It looks awesome on a terrace.

Two other materials are plastic and PVC, and many things these days are made from these, including outdoor furniture. These have a long life, but can be hot to sit on when they are in the sun for any time. For outdoor chairs and tables, iron is another very popular material. It is durable and robust, but it tends to rust unless it is painted. The chairs are not always convenient.Even for outdoor environments, steel is used, but it can also be very hot in the summer.

Thus, we have seen an overview of the key materials, which can be used to make outdoor furniture. Different furniture items like Patio Dining Tables can be made from these materials. It is recommended that you should carefully decide the material of your outdoor furniture as it is critical for overall performance of your furniture.

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