Reasons To Adopt Public Advocacy

Posted by PurviDalvi on January 17th, 2020

Advocacies comprises of wide variety of activities which have an impact on the decision-makers. Advocacy involves traditional activities such as petitioning, litigation, and public education. It also includes capability building, creating networks, and growth of leadership. Petitioning means activities that are intended to sway a piece of legislature.

Why endorse public advocacy? NGOs play a crucial role in the growth and application of public policy. They do so for advocating informed and strong democratic civilization. We see and respond to the influence of public policies on the people we work for. Very few organisations get close to resolve the real problems of the people. NGOs can reduce the between legislators and their citizens.

Public advocacy campaigns can help to accomplish the highest good for a substantial number of people and groups. Participating in public advocacy also raises consciousness of the organisation’s objective, vision, and gain media popularity.

Petitioning and advocacy are not similar. Usually, advocacies involve a different kind of activities which are meant to encourage an idea or a cause. Petitioning, on the other hand, is meant to persuade legislations and some roles to regulate those activities. NGOs can engage in petitioning activities, although the rules are strict. There is no limit on how much an NGO can spend on lobbying activities. However, there are state laws which disallow NGOs from spending extravagantly on petitioning. Unless your NGO spends heavily on petitioning, you are not likely to come close to financial limits.

Why do you need public advocacy?

To boost brand: The value of the business and its products depends on the insights that stakeholders and customers have about the same. Trust is vital for any brand to succeed in the market. At the same time, you need to increase your potential customers without spending a lot publicity. While running your advocacy campaigns, a reputation management India usually picks a topic of interest and create awareness through their products to gain potential customers. This not only creates amity in the market but also create a long-term trust on the services.

Gain loyal customers: Public Advocacy in corporate world is normally termed as corporate social responsibility. Here the organisations relate to an NGO concerning an important topic such as women liberation or undernourishment amongst children, and so forth. These activities are often emphasised by media, through print or otherwise, which grabs the attention of the consumers. Potential consumers and stakeholders consider the brand and begin talks of association. The reputation management India make sure the activities are organised without any malevolence and brings the company in a positive way.

System-level campaigns: You also have to bear in mind the victims while organising CSR activities or conducting public advocacy campaigns. You do these activities with the desire to change the approach and policy. Say you tackling women empowerment or girl child issue, and you should use both functional as well as conventional methods to bring a difference to system through your CSR pursuits. Several reputation management companies make sure application of both.

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