11 things you must consider about die cut

Posted by John Smith on January 17th, 2020

Stickers, labels, packages, containers, and boxes have a major role in product-oriented businesses. A business needs to use appropriate modes of branding and marketing to increase the demand for products from customers. Therefore, the die cut technique of packaging, stickers, labels, and boxes easily enhances the attraction and demand from consumers.

die cut stickers

You need to have an understanding of die cuts. Some of the most important things that most people do not know about are given as follows:

1. What is die-cut?

These cuts usually consist of the rules of cutting and creasing. To cut cleanly through the cardboards, vinyl, Kraft, and stickers is the actual task of these cuts. It is important to create the areas of bending or creasing without actually cracking. Moreover, ejection rubber is also a part of die-cutting, and its role is to hold the sheet during cutting, in a fixed and stable position.

2. Some common designs

Designs are the most important part of using these cuts. It is important to have attractive design formats to gain the maximum amount of attention from people. Some of the most common shapes and styles for packaging using the die-cutting technique are given as the following:

  • Auto-lock bottom trays
  • Panel hangers
  • Sleeves
  • Gables
  • Header cards
  • Tuck end cartons
  • Gravity dispensers
  • Bookends

All these designs are achieved using the technique of die-cutting.

3. Used to reinforce logos

Every organization needs to reinforce its logo. The logo is one of the many ways for people to get attracted. Brand conscious people only look for logos on product packaging to make their ultimate buying decisions. One of the best ways to reinforce logos is by using die cut techniques. There is nothing better than catching the attention of customers through this technique. It helps the audience to recognize the brand. Moreover, the audience can experience the logo by the sense of feeling through their hands.

4. Encourages interaction

Tactile interaction towards the brand is everything that you can ever wish for your organization. It is common for designers to forget that people finalize their buying decision by feeling the product package. The media printed on packages using this technique is physical, which helps recipients to have a stronger memory about the product. These can be used on business cards, which make customers hang onto it. It is because of the special feature of die-cutting, unlike simple cards that people tend to throw away.

5. Used to highlight images

The unnecessary white space in images on the packaging or promotional uses is eliminated using this technique. The die cut stickers help to make sole focus on printed media rather than their white or black background.

However, it is not always mandatory to cut around the edges of images, although, cutting a part of an image can easily enhance the simple image. Moreover, this method of cutting can also be used to enhance the value of brochures or folders.

die cut stickers

6. Forms into an identifiable image

Basing the design around something concrete that helps the identity of a brand is vital. It can be done by creating a template. The reason for doing is that sometimes the form of your picture cannot be strong to sustain the visual designs.

It will be eye-catching and breathtaking if the brand creates shapes of actual products that they sell. It is only possible to die-cutting. For example, teddy bear-shaped business cards for toy stores and popcorn shaped cards for a cinema.

 7. Used as typography

Typography enables you to portray the readable text with more visibility, appeal, and legible. The use of die cut custom stickers for typography is very easy. These make text-based design formats more dynamic. However, consumers do not like a sticker or design that is a “read-only” but offering them die-cutting typography can easily create a strong impression of your brand.

8. Functional cuts – Organization

These cuts are not only for giving an artistic appeal. These can also be used to improve the functional requirements. The most common way of making business cards was always by using a rectangular card; however, these cuts offer plain and round edges, which give your cards a classier look. Not just the cards, this method is also used to create custom tabs and card slits.

9. Used to highlight a message

It is not always important to use the die-cutting method for everything in packaging. Centralizing this method on the most important message is the way to use this method. Reinforcing and highlighting a single message can grab the attention of consumers.

10. Role in folding and gluing

It is known that folding and gluing are completely different steps in the creation of stickers, packages, and vinyl. However, adopting this technique makes folding and gluing very easy. Precision is needed for die-cut vinyl stickers to be pasted efficiently on product packaging. You need to know that the ideal way to identify the methods of consistency in productivity is through the production meeting between die-cutting and departments of folding or gluing. 

11. Affordable

Some people might say that these stickers and containers are expensive. However, it is not the case, and getting services from an online vendor can prove the people wrong. These dealers offer free die and kiss cutting from packaging, stickers, boxes, etc. at the most competitive prices.

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