UDRP Lawyer and Domain Name Disputes

Posted by ESQwire on January 17th, 2020

Domain names are important while you are marketing the products in your business. There may be an issue with the domain that you choose as they are internationally registered. The domain names play a very critical role as far as identifying your business is concerned. The domain name disputes arise when there is an infringement. Hence protecting your domain name and intellectual rights should be the top priority. They guide you to select a right and unique domain name for your corporate website, which lasts without changing its name.

ESQwire - the team of experienced and professional attorneys who fought the most complex cases. They have stood for many clients in trademark infringement cases or for forging the domain.  A UDRP Lawyer is an internet attorney who gives you legal protection and ensures that you get the complete right on your domain. They handle the domain name disputes and cyber-squatting case in the court, as it is an illegal way for the third party to increase the website visitors and make profits. 

About Cybersquatting

The theft or hacking of your domain name is termed as cybersquatting. Stealing the domain name is devastating to your business. At ESQwire, the experts regularly work on domain name disputes in which one organization uses the domain name through third-party buying or registering the domain name with your trademark or patent.

Filing or lodging a complaint

The domain owner or the holder of the trademarked domain can complain to the UDRP, based on the following criteria.

  • If an identical or the similar domain name is registered on which you have the trademark rights
  • The entity that has registered other domain has no right on the trademarked domain name.

An enterprise or an individual professional who approached the UDRP needs to fill the form with all details in-depth on the ICANN website & pay the required fees to the advocate. These complaints go to arbitration under the dispute resolution providers. If you succeed, the domain name goes to the trademark’s owner. Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy works faster than the traditional method in litigation. Is your complaint meeting the said criteria?

The Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act

It is the other option to file litigation in federal court. Our attorneys help you to acquire an order to present evidence that the sued party is having the trademark as yours which they have registered without your written consent. This is to retain the good faith of the trademark owners.

UDRP with the Internet Corporation of Names and Numbers Assigned

The UDRP lawyers are ready at your service as this policy is a valid international policy that governs the resolution of these types of disputes. This process is quick and cost-effective unlike filing a case under the Consumer Protection Act


As long as your claim for the trademark is valid you get back the domain name. If not, it will be cancelled or transferred.


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