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Posted by Jessymeshak on January 18th, 2020

A hearing test is usually carried  Ring Ease Review out by an Audiologist using special equipment to test your hearing response over the complete audio range of frequencies. When you visit the Audiologist he will sit you down in a quiet room and place a pair of headphones over your ears. The headphones are connected to an audiometer which will send sounds to your ears at various frequencies. He will test each ear individually as it is quite common for one ear to be different from the other.

The test will take the form of sending a sound at a particular frequency to one ear and then gradually reduce the sound until you cannot hear it any more. This figure is then recorded and marked onto an audiogram. This is just graph a of your hearing responses'. He will then repeat the exercise over the full audio range of frequencies plotting your hearing response at all points.

All the results are then plotted on the audiogram. He will then repeat the whole process with the other ear until you have complete picture of your hearing response over the whole audio range. From the audiogram it will become quite obvious if you have any hearing loss in either ear and at what frequencies.

This type of hearing test will give a very good indication but it has a few limitations. The test relies entirely on your responses to the sounds being fed into your ears and you telling the Audiologist when the sounds disappear. It can also vary according to the type of equipment used and the quietness of the test area.

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