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Posted by vivek choudhary on January 18th, 2020

Designer clothing is prohibitively priced and is custom-tailored to fit your body shape to the T. This implies that designer clothes or couture clothes are somewhat rare and unique and difficult to acquire. However, according to an expert from the best college of fashion designing in Delhi, the avant-garde technology of 3D printing is changing all equations in this day and age and evolving the concept of custom-designed clothing into a mass-market proposition.

  • Hitherto what has been under the purview and reach of the elite and famous can now make ingress into an average person’s home.
  • Here are a few benefits of 3D printing and how it has taken the fashion industry by storm.

1.      Less wastage

  • Clothing created through 3D printing is generally environment-friendly and causes minimal wastage.
  • A fashion design expert who has done fashion designing course Delhi affirms that in conventional methods of design there are scopes wherein piles of textile scraps are generated which, in turn, lead to massive wastage.
  • Also, the dyes used for coloring the fabrics are believed to be chief sources of water pollution.
  • An abundance of water supply is imperative as far as the manufacture of textiles and fabrics are concerned.
  • Even, air pollution is a major concern adjoining all textile-producing plants and factories.
  • With the help of 3D printing, lots of these issues can be addressed.
  1. Less time for production
  • Fashion design inspired by 3D printing enables designers from a top fashion designing college in Delhi to bring about faster innovation.
  • As a consequence, you can expect a drastic reduction in lead times.
  • Wearable clothing can be designed and brought to fruition with only a handful of geometrical constraints.
  • 3D printing and its inherent digital elements have now been able to remove several limitations which designers up till now have been forced to contend with in the traditional ambit of fashion design.
  1. Quicker supply chain management
  • Even in the case of major fashion houses, 3D printing can prove to be highly disruptive in terms of the supply chain and speed to market.
  • According to a fashion trend analyst from a top fashion designing institute in Delhi, garments can be 3D printed within a span of 24 hours.
  • Over the years the rate at which styles have evolved has increased manifold while, on the contrary, the life expectancy of seasonal collections has experienced a steady decline.
  • One of the prime success factors of any apparel manufacture company is its ability to usher in new styles and designs to the store in the quickest and most efficient manner.
  • 3D printing sets a limit to this speed and efficiency required to be successful in the fiercely competitive, highly evolving fashion industry.
  1. Small batch sizes
  • One more transformative impact which 3D printing has come down with is small batch sizes.
  • In the confines of a traditional fashion design setup, a fashion or an apparel brand would require to put an order of a 40-feet container of a range of clothing and accessories from the source of manufacture.
  • However, a fashion specialist who teaches at a fashion designing college in Delhi NCR reveals that by means of 3D printing, items or pieces of fashion can be accessed on-demand basis or in smaller lot sizes.
  • With such developments, the requirements for working capital can be significantly reduced and budgeting can go for a complete overhaul.

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