All You Should Know About Kossler Real Estate in Astrabudua

Posted by Thomas Shaw on January 18th, 2020

If you have reached this page, it is because you are interested in a flat in one of the developments (Mirador de Kossler, Kossler Barria, Kossler Atea) carried out on the grounds of the old Kossler factory in Astrabudua; or perhaps you have already bought one of them.

In either case, you should know that the developer is committing serious abuses of authority, which you will be able to learn about later from an affected party.

Why is this important?

The quality memory is the master document on which everything revolves, especially in flats that are bought off plan. If, for example, you buy a property in which the interior walls must be made of double-layer Pladur with an interior air chamber, with an X thickness in each layer (because that is what the specifications say) and when they give you the keys to the flat, you enter and check that they are made of single-layer Pladur and of a much lower thickness, you can claim this change on the basis of what the specifications say.

The same happens with other "more visible" aspects. The quality report does not detail the type of wood to be used in floors, skirting boards or wardrobes, nor in the latter case its interior distribution. Nor does it say which brands and models of electrical appliances, or even what they are: is the dishwasher an appliance? Well, it doesn't say so in the specifications. The refrigerator? No, it doesn't.

Although the contract of sale of the apartments says that the notary designates the selling party (i.e. them), the reality is that the law recognizes that the notary designates the buying party, and without a doubt you should do so.

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