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Posted by steffandevin on January 18th, 2020

Candidiasis, commonly called yeast infection or Meridian Health Protocol Review  thrush, is a fungal infection of any of the Candida species, Candida albicans is the most common. Candidiasis thereby encompasses infections that range from superficial, such as oral thrush and vaginitis, to systemic and potentially life-threatening diseases.

There are many symptoms related to Candida and it is hard to determine. It is not the norm for mainstream doctors to look at this condition as a possible diagnosis. Many people who suffer from Candida often go from doctor to doctor for years with no answer other than that they are perhaps a hypochondriac or that the problem is stress or another mental issue.

Although candida albicans is normally harmless yeast that is present in all our bodies, it becomes a problem when several factors (especially overuse of antibiotics, and stress) in our lifestyle cause it to grow in great numbers and it overtakes all the other healthy microorganisms. Once it begins to grow beyond the normal rate it should, it emits over 70 different toxins into the body, wreaking havoc in many ways and become the ally to many common difficulties, conditions, syndromes, and diseases that plague our society today.

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