Do We Create Our Life?

Posted by Jessymeshak on January 18th, 2020

We always see on television, read Individualogist Review  in the papers of the fanatic belief that certain groups have to their cause that nothing can get in their way of accomplishing their mission. Not judging on their beliefs but on the extent they go, it shows a very deep sense of belonging and satisfaction in the cause they fight for.

We all have seen how others faced with great challenges or after arguing with their spouses, family or friends, instead of making up with these people they go make up with a cigarette or a pint of beer as they believe it will sooth their pain, anger or sorrow. Some make out with a prostitute in their own sense of belief.

The classic one is one who believes taking his or her life will fix the others. Someone commented on that saying if you were abused by a spouse and because of it you take your own life, imagine if that spouse later knows God and turns away from the sinful life and repents. When his time comes how would you feel when you see him entering the gates of Heaven whilst you are stuck in hell in the suicide section. What did you believe in. Where has it taken you.

I believe in Him who gave me life, He is everything I need. I believe in Him who has been my tower of refuge and strength, He knew me before my conception and He knows my tomorrow. I believe in Him whose Word says the plans He has for me are to prosper me and not to fail me. I believe in Him who has a history of doing great and mighty things for His people.

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