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Posted by carl wastwood on January 18th, 2020

In the guise of a marketing agency, what can be done when facing a challenge that involves not only a commission from a customer, but the protection of the planet? Simple, it puts you even more than normal. LANGA, an Italian company that manages the marketing department of numerous

international companies, found itself in this situation when Giesse, a company producing rapid doors in PVC, asked to come up with something to avoid the waste of the plastic material used in manufacturing. In fact, every year they have to deal with 21600 square meters of waste plastic fabric, which appears beautiful, colorful and resistant. It’s as vast as two football pitches of the maximum size. The creative team of the LANGA Studios have thoroughly analyzed the issue, coming to the conclusion that this could be the right opportunity to involve primary school children and make them attentive to waste and reuse of materials. The challenge was therefore posed to the children by creating a direct and clear question: "Are you eco-friendly?". The project essentially consisted into involving children and teenagers in a project to re-use all the objects of daily life.

"First of all we needed a concrete example that we could give to the children - explains one of the LANGA technicians who worked on the project - for this reason we took advantage of the pencil- cases created with the Customer's PVC wastes, placing them as an eco-sustainable model of re- use". Naturally, the objective that was set for the pupils was to understand how new ideas could be developed from apparently waste objects, being attentive to the increasingly current environmental problems. How to do all this? By stimulating children to use imagination, curiosity and intuition, to develop the art of reuse and reuse in children.

“We thought the structure of this project on a double front - says the CEO of LANGA Corp. Luca Prata - addressing the boys on one side and their teachers on the other, with the aim of creating a project that was fun and useful for some, and useful for defining the educational path for others ". The intervention of the Italian company therefore focused on the definition of specific material intended for children, such as posters, flyers and above all two ad hoc videos, in which the project was explained in its entirety with the help of easily identifiable objects and recyclable (the PVC sheet, a can, a plastic bottle ...), and a language and dialogues conceived and studied in detail on the basis of the public, therefore presenting the matter in a light, fun and cheerful tone, without ever abandoning the main theme.

Also as regards the contents dedicated to the teaching staff, the preparation was similar. In fact, a project plan was produced, a full-bodied manual containing didactic advice and instructions for approaching and carrying out the activity, and a video, this time with a much more formal and didactic tone, which described step by step all the tasks to be done.

Everything was presented in the form of a competition, thanks to the support of Giunti, one of the most important names in Italian school publishing, which saw in the LANGA project the right momentum and communicative approach to children.The school that will have created "the best eco model" or project will receive a library voucher of €500 to be used for school expenses, a personalized shool diary for each student and a visit to the "Giesse" establishment. The ten projects of the comprehensive institutes or the more curious and creative classes will be assigned a librarian voucher of €100 always to be used for school expenses, in addition to the personalized diary. In addition, as an incentive to adopt reuse policies, all the participants were given the pencil- case made from the reuse of PVC waste as a gift.

Schools received news of the possibility of joining the project, including through the School Office, thus ensuring the widespread dissemination of the campaign. This is part of #WeTakeCareAReply, the platform that LANGA has created for the customer in which to insert all the ideas related to projects on eco-sustainability. Once again, this demonstrates the attention of the Milan-based company on important issues like this, which have been approached with creativity and the right language.

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