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Kitchener, Ontario, January 18, 2020 – Mi Dental, today announced that they will be introducing laser dentistry into their Kitchener, Ontario practice in 2020. With over 25 years of experience in the field, planning and completing complex cases, Mi Dental is embracing contemporary initiatives by incorporating laser dentistry services. This service is expected to be available in (January 2020) and will be conducted by Dr. Sharib Manzoor, a dentist at Mi Dental, who obtained a certification with the Academy Board of Laser Surgery.

“I believe that the most important aspect of delivering optimal service lies with our patients. Listening to our patients concerns, understanding their expectations and collaborating with them to come up with a treatment plan that works best for their individual needs. “Stepping into the world of Laser Dentistry is aimed at incorporating cutting edge technology for the benefit of our wonderful family of patients” said Dr. Manzoor. “We intend to stay a step ahead with the latest developments and be at the forefront of ever evolving world of dental care” Dr. Manzoor added.

Mi Dental places heavy emphasis on the client satisfaction. Their mission is to treat their patients the way they would like to be treated themselves, with compassion and integrity. Laser dentistry adds to the wide array of services already offered at MI Dental and would be an innovative means to enhance smiles, esthetics and oral health in general.

The introduction of Laser Dentistry at MI Dental will provide a simple, non invasive and precise set of treatments with stunning results. Laser dentistry is an innovative protocol thatis designed to treat bleeding or swollen gums, recontouring of the soft tissues to improve smiles, treat cold sores, mouth ulcers, take biopsies of any suspected lesions in the mouth, exposing the wisdom teeth that are trying to erupt but trapped underneath the gums and more. It is also used to treat tongue ties that are related to speech issues and for infants that have trouble breast feeding. Laser dentistry lives up to its name with the use of lasers that will alter or remove gum tissue with minimal discomfort than traditional surgical procedures.

Some of the benefits that Laser dentistry provides have the end goal of a bleeding free procedure, no need for stitches, minimal post operative discomfort or swelling and a very short recovery time. Laser dentistry is also very useful for children who are going through teething issues” said Dr. Ali Ahmed, a fellow dentist that specializes in wisdom teeth impactions and implant placement at MI Dental. Laser dentistry also provides cosmetic benefits such as correcting *Gummy Smiles* for individuals that show excess gum tissue when they smile.

Mi Dental is evolving and growing by taking on new and innovative dental technologies and practices, and by doing so will contribute to the growth of their business and more importantly, to the oral health of their patients.

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About Mi Dental: Mi Dental is privately held dental practice with their dentist certified to do Laser dentistry, and has over 25 years of experience in handling numerous complex dental cases. Mi Dental provides top notch services, all of which work towards the goal of achieving that bright and healthy smile that patients want. With a team of nine individuals that want toprovide their patients with a comfortable and relaxing environment, Mi Dentalis committed to the dental health of their patients.

For more information: Mi Dental: 519-894-9444 or https://midental.ca/contact-us/

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