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Posted by john kabir on January 19th, 2020

The table saw has several significant advantages over many other saws. Of course, it always depends on which project is to be realized, but there are some points that can generally be mentioned where the table saw is superior to other saws.

With the table saw you can achieve much more precise cuts than with other electric saws (e.g. a band or jigsaw). This is mainly due to two things. On the one hand, the table saw works with a much larger saw blade - diameters of up to 30 cm are possible here.Best Pole Saw 

This allows longer, uninterrupted cuts to be made. On the other hand, the stable circular saw blade has the advantage that it does not give in even under high pressure, thus ensuring clean cuts.

When you think of working with a table saw, the advantage of safety is not the first thing that comes to mind. But when used correctly, this type of saw is actually one of the safest. The reason for this is that the workpiece can be safely placed on the large work table and guided against the saw blade. Many table saws also have extensive guide rails and stops with which the workpiece can be guided straight and evenly over the table. It is still important to work attentively and with concentration. In this blog post, you can read everything that needs to be observed in terms of occupational safety with a saw.

The table saw cuts at a speed that no other saw can match. It does not matter which materials (wood, plastic, metal, etc.) are processed. The saw is particularly efficient with consistent cutting patterns. During this work, the stop and guides are set once and the repetitive sawing work is carried out routinely.

In contrast to a scroll saw or band saw, changing the saw blade of a table saw is particularly quick. Here the saw blade is simply hooked into the axis of rotation and fixed. The change can not only be carried out quickly but also easily by hand. Annoying harnessing and tightening is completely eliminated.

Due to the sometimes quite large available saw blades, even large workpieces can be processed with a table saw. This means that even particularly large boards and workpieces can be sawn to size.

As can be seen, the table saw has many advantages over other saws. But it is also not a panacea and the right choice for every job. If, for example, very fine and filigree cuts have to be made, a scroll saw is recommended. No circular cuts can be made with a table saw. The use of a jigsaw is suitable here.

Straight cuts are her specialty. But only with the right equipment and the right working technique can you fully explore the possibilities of your circular saw and even replace a stationary saw.

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