The Best Pole Saw for Every Yard, a Buyer's Guide

Posted by john kabir on January 19th, 2020

With the purchase of a circular saw, larger furniture and interior design projects are only possible - because exactly dimensionally stable components with straight edges are required. No matter which design you prefer - for the precision of the cut and the cut quality, two easily verifiable properties of the circular saw are always decisive. Best Pole Saw 

Whether the cut really straight depends on the overall construction and stability of the saw - the base plate and motor guide should not warp even when under pressure. This is particularly true for miter cuts because with the saw blade being tilted here, the motor works relatively far from the base plate - a solid and play-free motor bracket is important.

You can still influence the cutting quality long after the purchase by purchasing a better saw blade. The basic rule is: More teeth separate cleaner - fewer teeth saw faster. Higher sawing speeds are usually bought with more tears. This does not apply to engine speed: cuts in wood and wood-based materials should always be carried out at full engine speed, and the feed should be slow and even.

Circular sawsThe lower the number of teeth, the faster the cuts. However, many teeth are better for fine cuts.

The depth adjustment of the saw also has a great influence on the cutting quality. The saw blade should only protrude a little below the workpiece. Then the saw teeth cut through the top of the workpiece at a flatter angle and cause less tearing. Safety also benefits from a small protrusion.

Usual hand-held circular saws have a height-adjustable, fixed saw blade, and an adjustable or automatic riving knife prevents the saw cut from closing behind the blade and thereby pinching the rotating saw blade.

Practical tip: Pay attention to the correct assembly of this riving knife, because clamping the saw can cause a dangerous kickback, in which the saw is unexpectedly catapulted out of the cutting channel.

Circular saws riving knife, if present, must not be dismantled! Check to set. Photo: side / DW

There are also hand-held circular saws without the riving knife - these machines reduce the risk of injury with other design measures, especially with a quick-closing protective hood. Plunge cuts can also be made with these saws, with classic saws the riving knife would be in the way.

Practical tip: Speed ​​and suction are also important for safe work with the hand-held circular saw. When cutting wood, you should always choose the maximum setting. The extractor must always be installed when working indoors.

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