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Posted by basshopper on January 19th, 2020

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When our society enters the era of 4.0, having a smart phone and having it in every activity is normal. What we see more is the changing behavior of social use. People are paying more attention and attention to stories from smartphones. Make smart phones become an everyday thing that is important to many people already.

The use of smart phones to be smart according to the modern technology. Sometimes it may be something we already know. Or is a basic issue that is known to everyone, but may have forgotten or lapsed in some actions that make using our smartphone may not be smart. And what does the new generation of 2019 year the year of the smartphone have to know!

How to use
For basic use We may know each other well. But some specific features that we need to know and use them to their full potential As for the tutorial, there are many on the internet and Youtube.You may get X One Phone reviews by browsing our site.

Have good manners and teachings
Attendance Or have a meeting with a large group of people May need to turn off the sound Or settings in Do Not Disturb mode To make our work smooth and visible as much as possible for our smart work Also, talking on the phone in public as well, must be considerate of others.

Use carefully
Sometimes, smartphone users can play and forget about the activities they are doing, such as driving. Many of the hazards that have caused accidents are caused by smart phones while driving. Therefore should refrain from using a mobile phone while driving or have an urgent or important matter to talk to It may be necessary to use headphones to help smooth conversation and driving safely.

Notifications off
Some applications or features that we do not use regularly, it should be closed to our brains. Including the machine, can rest some If you have notifications turned on for every application and every activity it might waste your battery, including paying too much attention on your smartphone.

mobile phone

Cleaning the system in the machine
A lot of space on our smartphone may be taking up space with applications that we don't use. Therefore, we should have some free space on the phone. And manage to delete those unused ones And choose to download applications that are actually used And there is free space available for other applications to use

Keep in a bag
Although we have tens of thousands of smart phones each But why do we have to put it on the table all the time Did you know that the risk of being a bait for bandits and criminals? Therefore, if not used any Collected in some pockets Better to use it when needed

If the information on a mobile phone is important, we will not lose the phone Backing up data is strongly advised. Because many people also take work data Or various contact information Stored inside, for example, iPhone backup via iCloud, etc.

Check the cost.
There are many people who use smartphones and have various monthly promotions. That is not worth it Therefore, it is better to cancel and find something that best suits our usage style.

Part that will help us to use smart phones like smart. Would inevitably be worthwhile use and would not encroach on others Do not forget to use technology and modernity to the most worthwhile benefits to us. Has a good purpose to use in daily life But if the penalty from usage occurs, the thing that has to be realized the most is ourselves.

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