What are the advantages of adhesive tape?

Posted by sere on January 19th, 2020

There are many types of adhesive tape, and you in many types of adhesive tape, will choose to use a variety of adhesive tape to seal packaging, then why choose adhesive tape? Of course because adhesive tape has its unique 4 big advantages!

Advantages of adhesive tape

1. The protective

Protection provides the surface protection of the product, forming a very light, protective appearance on the seal of the product package, thus achieving the purpose of dustproof, oil-proof, moisture-proof, water-proof and anti-theft. It is particularly important that the transparent adhesive tape makes the packing goods evenly stressed, to avoid uneven stress on the goods caused by damage.

2. Regular

Sealing adhesive tape manufacturers transparent adhesive adhesive tape sticky foot, good fixation, in the use of transparent adhesive tape for carton sealing, it is not easy to make the carton seal open, and the carton is squeezed, it is not easy to deformation.

3. Save

Compared with other types of adhesive adhesive tape, adhesive tape has the advantage of low price. The use of adhesive tape for carton packaging can effectively reduce the use cost, which should be the most important factor to choose adhesive tape for sealing and packaging.

4. Beautiful

Custom adhesive tape can act on enterprise publicity, custom adhesive tape also reflects the strength of a company. Let our customers understand the company's brand when sealing the box, also played a beautiful publicity effect.

adhesive tape storage skills

1. When the storage temperature of transparent adhesive tape is between 15 ℃ and 38℃, it is not easy to cause residual adhesive, and relatively speaking, the part closer to the low temperature will be better.

2. The storage environment will cause the aging of transparent adhesive tape, such as: oxygen, ultraviolet (sunlight), metal, especially brass or rust, bleach, plasticizer and other long-term environmental impact will lead to the deterioration, softening, curing and loss of adhesive adhesive tape.

3. Choose the appropriate service life, storage environment and conditions, packaging specifications, etc. according to the type of scotch adhesive tape.

4. The adhesive tape should not be squeezed during storage, there will be color difference between the roll and the roll.

5. Adhesive tape should be placed in rolls and not folded. It should be turned once a season if stored for too long.

6. The type of adhesive adhesive tape, specifications to use according to the needs and specific conditions, reasonable selection.

Key points of printing adhesive tape

The key to the performance of the adhesive adhesive tape is to keep the viscosity, so to better keep the adhesive adhesive tape must pay attention to avoid the sun and rain, but also should avoid contact with acid and alkaline substances, more attention should be paid to the clean and dry environment, avoid contact with water, these will make the adhesive adhesive tape viscosity greatly lost.

In the printing adhesive tape storage warehouse must pay attention to the place in a roll, not folded place, so as to ensure the air flow of the adhesive tape, to ensure the good performance of the adhesive tape, this is also a good maintenance of effective means.

Loading and unloading printing adhesive tape must pay attention to the choice of outstanding performance of the machinery, work must be kept stable, choose the master of exquisite craft, so as to ensure the safety and outstanding performance of the adhesive tape, but also we better enjoy the guarantee of the fun experience of the adhesive tape.

To ensure quality of printing adhesive tape performance, not only is to choose the better adhesive adhesive tape products, at the same time we correct maintenance is also very important, which is the concentrated reflection of printing adhesive tape performance maintenance, so those introduced performance helps us to better play to the printing adhesive tape, adhesive tape bring us more fun experience.

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