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Posted by aniket vichare on January 20th, 2020

How popular are Jalebis?

Whether its a birthday party, wedding occasion or festivals out there, Jalebis are one of the most common yet popular Indian desserts. Especially at the time of Diwali, Eid, and other auspicious occasions, Jalebis are distributed among people, it somewhat becomes a ritual in almost every part of India. There is a huge craze of jalebis and people prefer having this small readymade sweet.

The making process of Jalebi

The process of the Jalebi recipe is overall simple. After the flour is battered in circular shapes, the pieces get ready for soaking up in the sugar syrup. After the process is done, you can expect to bite your teeth into something crunchy in a sweet and chewy texture.

What items are needed for making jalebis?

They are mostly normal ingredients such as wheat/flour, curds, soda, ghee, sugar, oil or ghee if required. To start with the battering process, you’ll need to have the availability of curd, soda that can make your jalebi more crisper and give the finishing with spiral-like jalebis.

Buying Jalebi online:

If you want to buy readymade jalebis from the market, make sure they are made fresh and look crispier.•Also, you should not choose any soggy jalebi. You can also bring home readymade jalebi batters if you wish, they are easily available in the market. However, make sure that the packing is done well and also don’t forget checking the expiry date behind the packet label.

Health benefits of Jalebi:

Jalebis are mostly recommended to pregnant women when it comes to highlighting the first advantage of this mouthwatering sweet. A pregnant lady often wants tasty foods around and Jalebi can be of one them. Most interestingly, this sweet helps in nourishing the senses of women.

The Jalebi recipe is filled with high nutritive value that helps in energizing a human body. Moreover, in the case of sexual disorders or common physical disbalances such as headache, gastritis, hyperacidity, Jalebis can do wonders.

Author Bio: The author is a blogger and mainly writes on the food domain. Here, in this article, the author has discussed an overall concept of jalebi recipe.

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