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Posted by Hadriel Sam on January 20th, 2020

The balance between business and life.  Subliminal Tracks Review It's a struggle that man (and woman) has dealt with ever since there was a perceived separation between the two. How to juggle the demands of a business and the demands of home life? How do you say no to the thing that puts a roof over your head and food on your table? How do you say no to the people that need and desire your personal attention?

For many, it's a constant struggle to find that balance. Some never achieve it but, for those that have, the benefits are considerable. Peace of mind, sound sleep, true joy, increased focus and plentiful energy are all reported benefits of finding a balance in your life.There also seems to be a form of synergy at work in a balanced life, where your business and personal success increase beyond what you'd expect when spending less than 100% of your time on either.

This is a point that I struggle to come to terms with.
The contradiction is, "how can my business grow and prosper if I spend less time at it, and, how can I have a happy family if I don't spend the majority of my time with them and helping to satisfy their needs?"Unfortunately, neither are logically satisfied with the answer of, "spend 100% of your time on neither!"

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