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Everyone's lawn in front of the house is still green like the first day it was planted? Questions that all garden lovers have ever been asked Because the lawn in front of the house of most people is usually pretty not long That is because of the lack of proper care. Causing the lawn that should be green and beautiful to be dry Or die in patches These problems will definitely not occur in your lawn. If you follow the few methods of lawn care that Fertilizer.guide recommends, what are some methods? Let's see.

Choose grass to suit the area

Before starting to grow grass, we must first study our area to see what kind of grass is suitable for planting. By choosing from varieties of grasses that are popularly grown. View homepage for effective information now.

Sufficient and proper watering

There are 2 principles of watering: "Time" and "Watering Method". The best time to water is during the early morning when the sun is not very sunny. Because grass will bring nutrients from watering To strengthen the grass to grow As for how to water, should choose enough water each time And not a little watering but often watering Because the grass roots will grow only on the soil surface and die easily

Tips: Take care of the grass after planting, with watering 2-3 times a day and watering for about 10 days for the grass to refresh. And fully rooted into the soil, ready for growth.

Fertilizer and weeding removal

Planting grass is like planting other trees. That needs nourishing soil for beautiful growth Each month, we should add grass fertilizer 1 time per month, after every time the fertilizer must be watered to soak each time And when the lawn is beautiful, weeds will often grow, followed by The method of removal is not difficult, just pull it out or use a pointed garden tool to cut it out.

Cut the grass regularly

Should cut the grass when the lawn is dry The suitable time is at 3 o'clock in the afternoon because it is when the water evaporates and the lawn is completely dry. In each cutting, it should be cut to a height of about 1 inch by cutting the grass in alternating directions, at least alternating 1-2 times a month will make the grass beautiful and grow well. Finally, mow the grass regularly every week so that the grass is not too high. Not the source of the beast And still green and beautiful as before.

Professionally cut the grass

To mow the grass to full efficiency and worth Should let the grass trimmed Heaps gathered on the field. In order to become a kind of fertilizer And importantly, should prepare the mower to be ready as follows.

Check the amount of oil And the sharpness of the blade to cut the grass If the blade is not sharp to sharpen or change a new knife.

Try not to cut the grass more than 1 in 3 of the length of the grass. And should not cut the grass short until it touches the ground too. During the rainy season, keep cutting the grass more often.

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