10 Tips You Need to Follow to Develop a Web Portal

Posted by CRMJetty on January 20th, 2020

What’s the first thought you get when you hear the term web portal?

A gateway between you and your customers.

Web portals are one of the easiest access points for users. They make it easier for users to navigate from one web page to another. 

Google, AOL, and Yahoo are some of the well-known names for most-used public portals. Additionally, there are private portals that store information like history, personal information, emails, etc.

With a custom portal, you can include your company’s business logic and build an eco-system to serve your customers in a better way. If required you can opt for web portal development services to make sure it serves your purpose. Whatever technology, or company you choose, ensure you follow the below tips.

  • Area of Interest:

The first thing you must consider while developing a portal. 

Classify your customer base and business logic. It will help you define features, user experience and overall scope of your portals to kickstart the overall development process. This exercise also clarifies the ways you can use your resources, expertise, and knowledge.

After strategizing and deciding to go for a web portal development, studying the scope of the market is of utmost importance.

For example, is your company serving domestic or international clients? Depending on that you finalize the design features of your portal. Make sure to dig out the unique and competitive services of your business which helps you set them apart.

Try asking some of these questions to yourself:  

  • Do you have sufficient resources for developing the B2B or B2C portal from scratch? 
  • Do you need this portal to support your website, customers, and sales team so they can produce extra revenue?
  • Is your business having a revenue-generating model?
  • Do you have sufficient resources, time and skills to operate it?
  • Understand your Customers:

It is necessary to recognize your customers and understand their needs. Having a customer-centric culture helps you to come with unique ideas to attract them. Make sure that you provide great customer service as well. Because it will help you in retaining your customers.

  • Managing Finance:

While developing portals you need to understand and find out the ways to manage your budget. So, before jumping directly into making a portal, making a step by step budget plan and figure out the way to invest your money.

  • Project Management:

Make sure you maintain the project during every aspect of your cycle. There are thousands of companies that fail due to poor project management. 

Tip: If you are a startup, then instead of going for full-time project managers, at least having freelance consultants will do the work. They streamline your flow and guide you with project management at a low cost.

  • Unique Domain Name:

Having a domain name is a mandatory thing. After all, it is the focal point of your branding. Therefore, make sure to have a unique domain name, it will help you in getting proper recognization in the market and build your brand.

  • Choosing Web Technology:

There are multiple programming languages available today. Some of them are proprietary whereas some are open source. Many companies use proprietary due to security reasons, while some prefer using open source platforms because of its portability and easy to use features.

Before making any decision make sure to consider the following points:

  • It should be cost-effective.
  • You might need support from the developer community.
  • The platform must be user-friendly.
  • Create Portals at Affordable Cost:

There are plenty of tools available online that are feature-rich. You can even choose free templates online and use them on your website. Open source programming platforms like PHP and ASP.NET provide affordable portal solutions and require less investment.

You can hire freelance developers for web portal development if budget is the constraint. Or you can go for a  full-time developer as well.

  • Connect with Internet Marketing Agency:

After creating portals, you need to make sure that you hire an internet marketing agency. They optimize your web portal and help you in selling them. Make sure that you have optimized UX designs and helps you in converting maximum traffic and further have leads.

  • Collaborating:

Collaboration never goes in vain. So, collaborate with other startup companies. This will help you to mark your internet presence and reach more customers.


Once you grow in your business slowly you can grow as a web portal development services company as well. Portals have a lot of potentials to grow your business and transform your growth path.

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