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Posted by Einfach Digital on January 20th, 2020

If you hear people say, “social media marketing does not work,” its because most people don’t do it right. To see long-term results from social media marketing, you need to incorporate social media marketing into your mainstream marketing efforts, and not just copy others and then get discouraged by the lack of results. 

Here are a few don’ts to keep in mind that will ensure you succeed with social media marketing. 

Don’t dismiss it as ineffective

Many business owners and marketers make this mistake of considering social media marketing as pointless for their niche or industry. If you think social media is for teens only, you might be surprised to know that more than a billion people are on social media, and close to 70 percent of them are above the age of 25. 

Moreover, a study showed that people from 55-64-year age bracket are multiplying on Twitter, whereas, 45-54-year-olds are growing fastest on Facebook. Therefore, even if you offer a healthcare product for senior citizens, you will do well on social media!

Not having a social media marketing plan

On the surface, social media marketing might look as simple as posting content twice a day and running display ads continually. If you approach it with this ideology, SMM will be nothing but a colossal waste of time for your brand. 

Instead, have a well-curated plan that includes specific goals, budgets, post schedules, targets, and more. You are more likely to fail by merely posting content without any robust strategy backing it up. 

Measuring incorrect KPIs

When you measure key performance indicators for your SMM, make sure you don’t fall into the trap of vanity metrics. If you are calculating your KPI by only taking into account the number of fans, followers, and subscribers, you’re probably on the wrong track. 

You need to treat social media marketing like any other form of marketing; thus, you should measure the results and not the followers. Therefore, look for engagement, actions, conversions, and more. 

Treating all social media platforms identically

If you are using the same strategy for Instagram and LinkedIn, your brand is destined to fail in the longer run. Different platforms have different types of the audience — Instagram and Snapchat are preferred more by teens, whereas LinkedIn and Tumblr are used more by adults and seniors. For your social media campaigns to be successful, you need to account for the differences between social media channels and treat their audience individually instead of a whole. 

Not engaging in conversations

If you are posting seven times a day and no one is responding or engaging with your content, you should reduce posting too often and invest some time in curating your social media engagement. All of your posts on social media should be designed to engage your audience and influence them to generate conversations. 

If you fail to do so, you will need to revisit and recreate your strategy. Moreover, make sure you play your part in the engagement process as well. If a follower comments on your post, make sure to like and reply. Similarly, respond to suggestions, feedback, and queries you get in your inbox. Keep in mind that the more you engage your audience, the better you will do with SMM.

Connecting but not networking

If you have thousands of random people following you that don’t fit your buyer persona, it will not contribute to producing desirable results. For social media marketing to be successful, you need to attract and engage with prospects that share the same interests and views. Thus, instead of focusing too much on connecting, spend time increasing your network. 

The best way to do it is by making meaningful interactions. The golden rule of networking is by adding value to a relationship; thus, you should focus on helping your audience before asking for anything in return. 

Talking about yourself

Imagine hanging out with a person that only talks about himself — won’t it get mundane? That what most companies do: talking about our brand, our services, and our products. In marketing, it’s less about you and more about them (your prospects). To succeed on social media, not only will you need to speak the language of the audience, but also tell what they want to see or hear. Thus, it produces high-quality content that generates interests among your followers and persuades them to engage and take action. 

Relying on automation

Yes, automation is the need of the hour to as it is essential to focus on speed and productivity. But if you rely too much on automation, you will fail to interact with others. What do you think people use social media for — talking to people or engaging with robots? Semi-automation is fine, but if your followers begin identifying that your posts are automated, they will distance themselves from your brand.

Using too many accounts

If you want to dominate every social media network, you will end up failing on all of them. Instead, pick 2-4 platforms where you can find a large share of your target audience and focus on engaging and interacting with them. For example, if your brand is about makeup and beauty, prioritize Instagram and Snapchat. 

No social media policy

Not having a social media policy is one of the most overlooked mistakes, which can be dangerous for your brand and can lead to public embarrassment. Irrespective of who manages your brand’s social media accounts, make sure you adopt a policy outline, and your social media managers abide by them. 

How can Einfach Digital help?

Social media marketing is highly rewarding and can be a deciding factor for your brand’s success on the web. However, many business owners don’t adopt the right approach to it, which leads to their brand’s failure on social media. Einfach Digital is an experienced digital marketing company that understands the ins and out of how social media works. Einfach helps you identify your target audience, choose the best platforms, and devise and execute a robust social media strategy for guaranteed success

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