Tips for Choosing the Right Motorcycle Batteries

Posted by Terotech Solutions Inc. on January 20th, 2020

The right battery can keep your automobile on the road for long while a bad one can be disastrous. You would not want to imagine the battery dying on your motorcycle while you are on a freeway or an upcountry road, in the middle of nowhere. It, therefore, becomes important that one does due diligence while buying their motorcyclea battery.

Whether you are buying a battery for a private motorcycle or for a commercial entity’s fleet, the right choice is key. You can explore the following tips and get your best way when buying the next motorcycle batteries for your company riders or for personal uses.

Pricing and Budget

The key consideration that you should make before leaving your place is your budget. Whether it is a single battery or multiple of them, you should set the budget way ahead of the purchasing day. This will help you to plan ahead, choose the store to shop from and avoid overspending.

The Battery Size

Each automobile is designed to use a battery of a specific size. The same specifications apply to motorcycles, and the buyer should understand what theirs uses. As you would walk into a car battery store with the specifications written down, take your motorcycle’s specifications and walk with them to the sales store to refer to.

Ideally, check the dimensions of the current battery and the space available on the motorbike. If you can, you can take the measurements with a tape measure and go with them to the store. You can ask the attendants to use the dimensionsto get you the options to choose from.

Starting Power

Be it a vehicle or golf cart batteries, each battery has specified starting power (CCA). Cold Cranking Amps allow the user to determine the starting power of the battery against their automobile's requirements. Make sure that at the buying point, you check the number of amperes that the battery is able to deliver over a 30 second period.

Ideally, the higher the CCA, the easier it will be for the battery to start and run the motor. To pick the right battery, compare the CCA values instead of the Ah capacity of the battery.

Lastly, remember that a single misaligning of the battery and the motorcycle may make it not to start. It might also mean the end of its starting power and, therefore, you need to be keen enough.

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