Things to Find out about Budget Endurance Racing

Posted by Area Motorsport on January 20th, 2020

We've got a hazy thought what we’re doing, we believed we’d question what we’ve discovered budget endurance racing so far.

It’s a various type of pressure

Before getting into EnduroKa, I competed in a season of the Caterham Academy. Barring any conditions out of your hands, it’s usually all on you. I had believed, then, that spreading the obligation of driving with three others would relieve the pressure. But it’s not that easy. Yes, it’s nice understanding it’s not all on your shoulder blades, but there’s the added be concerned that a poor overall performance will be letting other people down. It doesn’t matter how much they inform you it’s all for fun and to chill out - worrying out about this is hard to avoid.

You have no idea what’s going on

During my 2nd period at Snetterton, I estimation I went ahead of over 10 cars and was overtaken personally (I think) twice, perhaps three times max. However, I acquired only three places. The truth is, some of the cars will have been a number of laps ahead, and some a few zone behind - it’s difficult to know at the time. I had a legendary battle with car number 100 that survived about 15 minutes, only to discover after I’d got out of the car that the team involved was five laps ahead of us. It’s feasible I didn’t really win any of those three places on track - it might just have been that the cars showcased were pitted when I passed them.

Before your period you can test and acquaint yourself with where a few of the other teams are, paying specific focus on who’s instantly in front and who may be coming up behind you. But that’s not really going to be useful - given the time pit stops take, the order will constantly be cluttered around over your hour and a half to two hours in the car.

Pit board messages can help as well. But the best answer I found was just to get my head on and concentrate on pushing out regularly quick laps, moving slower drivers as securely as possible, and not battling too hard your mirrors are filled with a car that is clearly faster. Or you could just shell out for a radio system…

It’s very boring at times

Endurance racing is a genuine rollercoaster of feelings. There’s the ultimate anxiousness you get as your first stint methods, the exhilaration from the seat time itself, the massive higher that comes after, and lastly, boredom. As the adrenaline wears off, it’ll dawn on you that your next session isn’t for another four and a half hours. Possibly you’re only doing the one period and you’re done for the day really early on, or even worse, you’re going last and have nine hours of sitting around before jumping in the cockpit.

Assisting with pit stops disperses the dullness, but there are undoubtedly lots of long extends with nothing to do but be seated around looking at the live timing screen.

Maybe consider packing a book along with the Nomex stuff…

After our victories in the starting two rounds of the 750MC Club Enduro Championship, we were feeling quite confident going into rounds 3 & 4 at Spa Francorchamps. We were sitting on a fine investment comfortably at the top of the points table too, taking a maximum of 15 points at both Donington and Croft.

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