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Posted by surendra choudhary on January 20th, 2020

Reusable tumblers market is evolving at the back of growing awareness of sustainability concerns that disposable cups and glasses have posed over the past few years. The growth is nothing short of vibrant, invigorated by efforts of beverages and quick food service restaurants to serve their consumers in reusable tumblers. Coffee companies in developed nations have in recent months have allured their consumers by their array of festive reusable tumblers of vibrant colors. They are gathering steam among consumers to sip their hot and cold beverages. The reusable tumblers market has seen striking strides from the initiatives taken by industry players to make consumers aware of the landfill waste problems caused by disposal cups. Further, using reusable tumblers for juices and candies has attracted millennial.

Key materials used in making reusable tumblers are steel, plastic, and glass. The growing popularity of steel tumblers together with the high cost accounts for the high share of this segment in the reusable tumblers market.

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Global Reusable Tumblers Market: Growth Dynamics

The changing lifestyle of people in various parts of the world has been the biggest stimulant for the demands in the reusable tumblers market. The increasing shift toward sustainable packaging products among food service companies as well as environmentally aware consumers is a notable factor underpinning the market’s growth. Further, the increasing trend of the on-the-go drinkware has further fueled its expansion. The advent of containers that can hold beverages hot or cold for a long time has been gathering steam in the reusable tumblers market. Other aspects that add to the popularity of reusable tumblers are their splash-free and exotic designs imprinted on them.

Manufacturers are coming out with new lineup of products for food service companies to help meet their customers’ expectations and inclinations. An instance is the introduction of reusable tumblers that have double walls. A large part of the demand dynamic in the reusable tumblers market is shaped by people who look for a combination of light-weight containers with good reusability quotient. Travelers and those on the vacation have been using reusable tumblers to support sustainability campaigns of governments and industry players.

Of the various types of reusable tumblers, those that are compatible with microwaves and dishwashers are high on the imagination of beverage consumers and brands. Growing demands for reusable tumblers among people who work out and engage in fitness activities will likely help in adding sizable revenues to the global reusable tumblers market.

Global Reusable Tumblers Market: Notable Developments

Recently, this year the prominent U.S.-based coffeehouse chain has unveiled an array of reusable hot and cold cups reusable tumblers meant for consumer on the holiday in the U.S. and Canada. The company has further multiplied the attractive quotient by coming out with its own set of insular designs. The coffee company has further planned to continue its strides in the reusable tumblers market by expanding its slew of products for use in festive times of the year. Further, it has emblazoned the cups with festive phrases. Consumers in the reusable tumblers market are also likely to get attracted toward such products and use them with reusable straws.

Several other brands are expected to follow suit in a big way to support sustainability initiatives by adopting environmentally conscious packaging. Some of the prominent names in the reusable tumblers market are Nirmal Industries etc., Biome Living Pty Ltd, and JOCO.

Global Reusable Tumblers Market: Regional Assessment

On the regional front, economies that are increasingly adopting measures reducing their landfill waste due to disposable packaging from food and beverages sector are likely to have high stakes in the reusable tumblers market. Developed regions, particularly Europe, are expected to account for a promising revenue shares in the global market. Some of the key avenues for manufacturers of reusable tumblers are Asia Pacific and North America.

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