Is Your High-Security Fence Keeping Your Business Safe?

Posted by Gryffin Pty Ltd on January 20th, 2020

Is your current security fencing adequately protecting your business from outside threats such as intruders, theft and vandals? There has been research conducted which indicates that would-be criminals and trespassers view a business or property with a badly designed high-security fence as an indication of overall weak perimeter security.  
This can even increase the chances of a break-in.  
The market-leading security fencing specialists
If you suspect that your security fencing is not efficiently protecting your business from unauthorised access, turn to the security fence specialists at Gryffin. They can create high-quality security fences such as their Palisade and Maxiguard®, Tigertape™ and 358 Welded Mesh security fencing.
From their manufacturing facility based in Victoria, Gryffin has built and designed their own in-house custom machinery. This allows them to design and manufacture high-security fencing products, gates and accessories with a fast turnaround and meticulous precision.  
Their friendly team will discuss information such as your installation needs, security requirements and budget limitations to ensure all you receive a high-security fence that meets your exact needs.
Is your perimeter optimised?
If you’re concerned about the security of your business, here are a few helpful tips to ensure that your security perimeter is efficiently optimised:  
# Make sure all security system and surveillance signs are fully displayed. This acts as an additional deterrence.
# Consider investing in a good quality CCTV surveillance system that can make it easy to identify intruders.
# Ensure that all surrounding bushes and trees are always trimmed and maintained. This will provide clear visibility of the perimeter.
# Be sure to have well-lit lighting in all areas such as side laneways and entry points.  
# Check for any potential climbing aids such as stacked pallets or fences that are easily scalable.  
What main qualities does a security fence need to possess?
So, what qualities make an efficient and effective high-security fence? Below will provide and explain the main qualities your security fencing will need to possess.  
Strength and durability
Depending on the location and environment of the application, the durability will determine if your security fencing will last. Gryffin’s Palisade and Maxiguard® security fencing has each fence frame component hot-dip galvanised.  
This provides increased strength, longer durability and has the option for an additional top finish that is powder-coated.  
Climb and tamper-resistant
A scalable fence that can be tampered with presents an increased security risk. Due to its unique design, Gryffin’s 358 Welded Mesh high-security fence is anti-climb and cut-resistant.  
It has an 8-gauge wire diameter with 3” x 0.5” mesh openings that make it extremely difficult to scale as toes and fingers cannot fit between the small spaces. Cutting and tampering is prevented due to hand cutting tools being unable to fit between the tiny gaps.  
With additional security fence accessories including their long and short-barb Tigertape™, rail/pale Enclosure® system, cable ram-resistant system and more, turn to Gryffin for all your high-security fence needs.  
Head over to their website to view their range of security fencing solutions or call them on 1800 672 066 to see how they can help you today.

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