Aerial Refueling Systems Market Study By Business Base Distribution 2019-2029

Posted by Divakar on January 20th, 2020

Aerial Refueling Systems Market: Introduction

An Aerial Refueling System can be defined as the method of transferring fuel from one aircraft, known as the tanker to another aircraft, known as the receiver. Generally when an aircraft takes off, the engine or motor requires tremendous external work towards an uphill movement. This consequently burns a lot of fuel which might otherwise be used by the aircraft during flight. The primary purpose of Aerial Refueling Systems is to allow the aircraft to operate more efficiently by increasing their range, the amount of weapons and ammunition carried as well as the time they can spend in the air. Aerial Refueling Systems can be brought into efficient action by giving aircraft the right amount of fuel and being at the right time at the refueling point. Henceforth, it is essential to analyze Aerial Refueling Systems which is used tanker flights for the amount of fuel needed to transfer.

Aerial Refueling Systems Market: Market Dynamics

The key driver of Aerial Refueling Systems is the beneficial effect of allowing aircraft to fly further and stay aloft longer. This is done simply by supplying aircraft already in flight with more fuel. It can allow aircraft to operate from fewer air bases and carry more weapons. High military recognition coupled with increasing barrier spending plans across the globe from different nations would drive business growth all over the globe. There are possibilities of probable fuel savings through Aerial Refueling Systems of, particularly for longer duration of flights. Continuous focus on the replacement of ageing military aircraft and rising practice of combat aircraft in military missions have a positive impact on the growth of the demand for Aerial Refueling Systems market.

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A challenging factor for refueling of aircraft is that it aerial refueling operations require extensive training and are one of pilot’s most demanding flight maneuvers. This can be executed only under reasonable conditions. Many refueling operations are in harsh weather or at night, making it harder to navigate. This could pose a threat to Aerial Refueling Systems market over the forecast timeframe.

Increasing terrorist attacks and counter operations are generating exciting growth opportunities for Aerial Refueling Systems market for military aircraft systems. Rise in flying of sorties from carriers or ground bases over long distances makes Aerial Refueling System a necessary element of mission. Aerial Refueling Systems market is projected to grow in the near future owing to the need to facilitate deployment abroad.

Few trending factors in the Aerial Refueling Systems market are development of autonomous refueling systems and buddy pod technology. The recipient’s range can be expanded beyond its usual target by means of Aerial Refueling Systems. The purpose is to allow monitoring aircraft to fly without landing for longer periods. The military would even choose to move small aircraft to a new operational base, as the path is over water and Aerial Refueling Systems enables the fighter to travel the long distance without landing.

Aerial Refueling Systems Market: Market Segmentation

Based on Aircraft type, the global Aerial Refueling Systems Market can be segmented into:

  • UAV
  • Combat Aircraft
  • Helicopter

Based on System, the global Aerial Refueling Systems Market can be segmented into:

  • Hose and Drogue
  • Boom and Receptacle

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Based on Component, the global Aerial Refueling Systems Market can be segmented into:

  • Refueling Probes
  • Refueling Pods
  • Hoses
  • Drogues
  • Boom
  • Others

Aerial Refueling Systems Market: Regional Outlook

In terms of geography, North America is expected to dominate the market for Aerial Refueling Systems during the forecast period. The United States is likely to remain the potential market of North America, powered by a high defense budget. Asia Pacific is projected to experience prominent growth in the forecast period. Investment in defense sector of emerging Asian markets such as India, China, Japan, and South Korea are likely to drive the region’s demand for Aerial Refueling Systems market. Here, the military aviation industry focuses on finding aircraft manufacturing and providing alternatives to existing models of aircraft. Military transport aircraft segment have the potential to drive demand Aerial Refueling Systems market in the near future.

Aerial Refueling Systems Market: Market Participants

Some of the global market participants of the Aerial Refueling Systems Market are:

  • Cobham Plc.
  • Airbus Group
  • United Technologies Corporation
  • Eaton Corporation
  • Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • Northstar Engineering, Inc
  • GE Aviation
  • Safran SA
  • Marshall Aerospace and Defense Group
  • Parker Hannifin Corporation
  • Dassault Aviation
  • Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd.
  • Zodiac Aerospace
  • Boeing Company
  • Cobham plc

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