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New African Social networking Site Launched

Posted by ggmedia on January 20th, 2020

Socialwider is a new African social networking site, to engage with other people and advertise business across the country.

Socialwider is a newly launched African social networking site. The site is developed to facilitate people in Africa to make new friends, sharing their photos and videos, buy sell marketplace, blogging, and many more. Social networking is a common thing nowadays. In the past, people use social networking to socialize and meet old friends. Recently, social networking has beyond its function as a place to socialize and meet new friends. Now they are equipped with various interesting features such as marketplace, local forum, video sharing, blogging, and a place to advertise a business. Social networking with complete features, as mentioned above, can be found on Socialwider, a new social network that has been launched in Africa. 

Socialwider becomes more popular nowadays because it offers a lot of interesting features inside. To use their features, one can register for free on the registration page. The main feature of Socialwider is certainly to create social networks. Users can invite new friends to their Socialwider account. Another feature that superb is online forums. Socialwider is connected to African online forums, Cokoye. Cokoye is a leading online forum in Africa, where people can talk about any topics and exchange their ideas. It has 400.000 members that freely discuss recent issues. 

Socialwider is a place where people can advertise their business through a page or create a blog based on specific categories and shared them to social networks. They can also upload photos and videos to share to people with the same interest. A company or business can also advertise their business in the marketplace. The marketplace is a section where people can advertise or sell their stuff. The marketplace is categorized into several categories, such as For Sale, Vehicle, Classes, Real Estate, Services, Community, Personals, and Jobs. One more interesting feature is polls, where user can create polls, and accept feedback from others about products or anything.

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About Socialwider

Socialwider is a new social network in Africa. It facilitates people in Africa, growing their social existence and advertise their business across the country. For more information, please visit

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