Wear Christian T-Shirts To The Fullest

Posted by Brandon Boyd on January 20th, 2020

Wear Christian T-Shirts To The Fullest

Can you confidently say that you are great when it comes to self-discipline? Most people find it difficult to develop new habits to add to their daily routine. This is why they struggle with having a consistent quiet time every day of their lives through the years. But, the good news is that it isn’t impossible to incorporate player, reading, and reflection time in your day to day life. Aside from wearing Christian T-shirts for evangelism, here are other tips that can help you out?

Get Rid of Distractions

Can you recall all those instances when you tried starting a quiet time just to get interrupted by your phone’s notification, a dryer buzzer that went off, or a dog begging you for a walk? It seems that the moment you sit down to focus and wind down, there are a million of other things popping in your mind that you need to do right away. Ensure that you set a quiet time that is free from distractions and do everything you can to protect it. Leave your phone in a different room or switch it to silent mode. Put all of your attention to Him so you will be able to hear the Lord as He speaks to your spirit.

Schedule a Quiet Time and Follow It

It might be different for every person. There are people who prefer reading the Bible the moment they wake up in the morning before getting out to bed. There are those who sip their coffee first before reading. Or maybe you are more of a night person who wants to have some quiet time once all the chores are done and everyone is tucked in bed. Choose the ideal time that works for you when you have better focus with the least number of distractions possible. A reminder can be set up on your phone. Think of your quiet time with God in the same way you treat important appointments or lunch dates with your close friends. This is the perfect opportunity to Christian message T-shirts as a great conversation starer.

Write It Down

Have a special journal where you can write your prayers, questions, thoughts, and verses you love. If you have an artistic inclination, your response can also be expressed through painting or drawing. Keeping a journal can serve as the physical reminder of your history with God with all the ups and downs included. It lets you look back to see all the good things He brought to your life.

Make Your Quiet Time a Special Occasion

Light a candle, choose your favorite cozy chair, play the worship music you love and add some creative elements so that your quiet time will be your happy escape from life’s business. Approach this with the mindset that it will fill your soul up and renew your spirit for the day. Show up with hope that God will talk to your directly and specifically. Don’t treat your quiet time as if it is another task you should do.

While you are at it, wear Christian T-shirts so that you can really make the most out of your quiet time with God.


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