How to Keep Your Deck Looking Great All-Year-Around

Posted by ResistMist on January 20th, 2020

How long has it been since you did a little maintenance on your wood deck? 

Decking is an investment that needs to be taken care of all-year-round for everyone to enjoy, but this doesn’t need to be a tough task. Decking areas are a great place to relax or entertain. But the harsh weather can take its toll, leaving your wood deck in need of a little maintenance. 

Here are important simple steps you can follow to help your decking make it through the wrath of winter and ready for summer-time again. 


While it may seem obvious, many people often neglect to clean their decking, especially in the winter months. Remember, cleaning your decking is the most cost-effective way of maintaining its longevity. 

The first step is to tackle any debris, moss or mold that may have formed on top of the decking. This can easily be achieved with a professional wood deck cleaner

There is no such hard rule for how often you should clean your decking as it depends upon the weather condition you reside in or the amount of battering it has taken. But the best way to keep it in good condition is to sweep it regularly, ensuring it’s free of anything that makes it damp or brings dirt on its surface. 


It is important to protect your wood deck once a year along with regular cleaning.

There are three main types of products that can help you do this: decking protector, decking stain, and decking oil. 

A good wood deck protector will get absorbed into the water, creating a translucent, waterproof layer. Not only will deck protector make it weatherproof, but the decking will also look fantastic and be shielded from knocks and scuffs. 

Decking is at its most vulnerable during the winter. A thick protective cover, such as Resist Mist Wood Deck Protector will do the job nicely. This will protect it from snow and frost. Hence, give it the attention it deserves and let it breathe freely. 


If your wood deck is already looking worse for wear, you can put on a decking restorer to return it to its original color before adding any special protector, mentioned above. 

When using a restorer, try to work on small, manageable areas at one time to get better results. The whole process, which includes an application, scrubbing, and rinsing, can take around fifteen minutes for just a small area. 

If you find this process long and tidy, then a wood deck cleaner would be the best option for you as it will remove all the dust, dirt, mold, mildew or any other stains, presenting you a new branded wood deck. 

Parting Thoughts 

Now, you know how you can simply and cost-effectively protect your wood decking. If you have got any questions, or you want to buy a good wood deck cleaner then order one today at Resist Mist and enjoy summer sale. 

Just don’t forget to give your decking a good cleaning and protecting care at regular intervals. 

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