Some Innovative Strategies Applied in Hospitality Sales- Know about it

Posted by Keith Ronning on January 21st, 2020

A SWOT analysis is conducted on the sales team. The Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats of the team are found out. People with unique skills are of real strength. Staff who are lazy and do not put any efforts are the weakness. Where precisely the team lacks and excels has to be understood to improve it in all ways. The threats from the competitors have to be analyzed to develop sales strategies. Many Hospitality sales techniques have to be introduced to attract new customers.  

Social Media Advertisements

These days advertising is very live in social media. There are many social media sites where people are very active. Some likeminded groups are targeted to post or tag advertisements. There are professional groups like LinkedIn, where hospitality sales would work out very well. Social marketing is in a boom these days. Many hotels depend on such sales online. 

The receptionists, event service staff, and the other workers who come in direct contact with the customers have to be trained well. They should be able to explain the facilities, features, and amenities around the hotel. They should voluntarily report on the local events and surrounding attractions. They should secretly give the details about the deals and promotions of the hotel. The guests would be pleased to be served by the workers and staff, and there are more chances of them coming back. Satisfied customers always advertise the hotel well. 

Seasonal Gatherings Attracts Crowds


There are many annual gatherings and local events attracting crowds. The event organizers can be contacted to get many people to stay in the hotel. Having a deal with the local people would give good sales. Some perks and tips to the mediators would work out well. Travelers are attending such events every time. If these guests are treated well, they would surely return for the next time. Hospitality sales work out well to boost bookings. 

Retain Old Customers

Old customers tend to return if they are treated well. It is best to retain past customers rather than going in search of new people. Incentive campaigns, loyalty programs, and exclusive perks retain old customers. Keeping in touch with them through e-mails and social media networks would give excellent benefits. 

Improving the hotel in many ways would bring in more customers. Promoting the features and facilities would bring a more comfortable feeling to the customers. If there is any free space around the hotel, it could be turned into a useful co-working space to attract the audience. New ideas to improve the hotel premises without much cost would help in getting more customers. 

Offers during Off-season

There is off-season in sales for all the hotels. Some discounts and suggestions have to be given to improve sales. Many people like to travel to the destination during the off-season due to discounts. Such people and the hotel would be benefitted from such concessions. 

Upselling: Here, offering a better room with more facilities to the customer is the main interest. The degree of delicacy is essential to handle this. The tone, timing, and regularity for upselling are necessary to get success. The deal should not look pushy, and nothing should be forced upon. 

Re-marketing: Some customers browse the website and do not finalize the booking. Such potential customers can be reached and gently reminded to revisit the site for the final booking. 

Incentives: Giving some incentives to the guests booking the ticket would encourage them to confirm the booking. The incentives may be an additional facility, free massage, or a small local tour offered for free. 

Local partnerships: If there are many local tourist attractions like theme parks, museums, ski hires, and other adventure companies in the same locality, then local organizations work out well. Co-promoting the restaurant and such attractions would give a boost to hotel sales. The customers can now plan for their stay and their visits together. 

User-friendly Website:  Secured and a user-friendly website would be a great attraction to the customers. The website should be interactive, easily navigational, and secured. If everything is confusing, the customer starts feeling unsecured to navigate on the site. 

Marketing and sales go together. Sales are enabled with proper marketing techniques. Hospitality Sales is mainly to make the customers aware of the property. 

Author BioHospitality Sales is the way to satisfy a customer to book a room in the hotel. My hospitality sales pro trains individuals to make them better salesmen. 


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