A legal guide for buying weed online in Canada

Posted by Wholesale Bud on January 21st, 2020

Canada has legalized weed, so now you can smoke your favorite marijuana and hash. But, before you go ahead with buying weed online or buy cannabis buds online, you need to know legal rules for your province. Whether you are a permanent resident or just a tourist passing by, the law is equally applicable.

Government certified physical store may or may not be available in your province. But you can certainly lookup online for Cannabis buds for sale or weed. Online buying of dried plant, pre-rolled joints, hash, and CBD oils and capsules, is legal around the country. Some online dispensaries also provide permitted distillates and concentrate too.

Following are some legal factors you need to keep in mind while buying weed online.

1 – Legal age limit for buying weed

Age matter when you are buying marijuana online in Canada. Alberta and Quebec require you to be at least 18 years of age to buy pot online. Other provinces have a mandate for a person to be at least 19 years of age before purchasing weed online. You have to follow the age restrictions to avoid any trouble.

2 – Carrying quantity limit

If you are a marijuana lover and want to carry loads of it everywhere you go, then you may get yourself in trouble. Canada has a strict policy which does not permit you to carry dried cannabis of more than 30 grams. If you carry along more than the permitted limits of hash, then you are bound to have legal charges on you.

3 – Place of your purchase

All dispensaries do not have a license to supply weed to every state. You have to check rules and regulations before purchasing marijuana online. It’s best to buy from the government authorized stores which sell legal cannabis. It will safeguard you from charges. And also prevent from receiving fake, chemical-based weed products. Online dispensaries are the best place to buy as it will cost you lesser than physical stores.

4 – Laws of travelling abroad with weed

You may like smoking joints as you move around in foreign countries. But the government does not permit you to carry weed along when you cross national borders. If you are taking marijuana with you and get caught, then you will have to face serious criminal charges. Nonetheless, you can carry a limited amount of cannabis while you travel on domestic flights in Canada.

All things considered

Buying weed online is undoubtedly a convenient and favorable option for most people. But you ought to know legal rules and restrictions of buying marijuana online. I hope this blog helps you to understand the legal aspects of purchasing weed online or buy cannabis buds online, and you make a safe purchase.

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