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Palm reading is also known as palmistry, it’s all about predictions of the past, future and fortunes through a deep analysis of your palm. Palmistry is  about reading palms fingers, arms and nails which assess  about persons, character, health, wealth, wisdom, career , marriage and many other aspects, the shape, length and flexibility of palm and fingers plays important role in palmistry.

Ifyou are an aspiring palmreader or you are just looking for a fun way topass the time andimpress your friends you can learn to gain insight stories of past and future just by holding someone’s hand,below here in this article you will learn how to read your palm.

The most basic method to seek palm reading is analysis of the lines on the hand as each line means differently.

SUNLINE: it is also known as Apollo line which originates from the mount of moon and descends upward to the mount of sun which indicates the capability, talent and popularity which may lead to success that’s why it is called line of success. A very deep sun line indicates fame and success will stay for longer time and faint line shows that you are refraining your skills and you will have to work hard for the success you want in your career. If you have an absent or short line then you are a hard worker.

HEALTHLINE: It has no fixed point of beginning and ending but if the health crosses the life line it suggests ill health and inherited illness if the health line is wavy this means you are having digestive problems and a blurred one means thatyou lack in stamina.

FATELINE: it’s a vertical line that rise from the base towards middle finger. This line indicates how destiny can control your life a strong fate line determines your strong desire to continue your path and find success in it, if there is a break in fate line it means that you will choose a different career and you will follow it if there are intermittent breaks in your line then there will be several twist and turns in your career.

LIFE LINE: it is the easiest line to spot on the palm it starts at base of your palm and arcs upward circling the ball of your thumb ending between your thumb and forefinger. A life line indicates more about your wellbeing and passion for life instead of predicting how long you will live.

HEAD LINE: it begins from the outside of your palm on the side between the inside of your thumb and index finger and ends in the center of your palm it indicates your learning,style, how well you communicate and also your desire for knowledge.

HEART LINE: the line runs below the base of your fingers and ends at middle or index line it also tells you about the emotional stability, romantic life, state of happiness and health of your heart.

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