Mobile Phone Repair - Step by Step Guide to Rescue Water Damage

Posted by whitneyrhodes on January 21st, 2020

If you read this guide, it is very likely that you had a minor accident involving your cell phone submerged in water or at least exposed to enough water to cause temporary water damage. Most people are unaware of how sensitive cell phones are due to the integration and integration of these small devices with everyday life. However, a mobile device is just as sensitive as other expensive equipment due to the amount of features and small components needed to build a mobile phone.

In fact, many people are surprised to know that the average lifespan of a mobile phone is now only 19 months. Of course, this is ironic since most contracts last two years, but this cannot be negotiated. The reason so many phones fail so early is because people throw them away, place them carelessly on the shelves, and generally don't handle them like the very sophisticated technologies they are.

Since you already need advice on water damage, it is not helpful to lecture anymore. Well, the answer is easier than you think, and believe it or not, the solution is probably already in your kitchen.

Rice. Yes, rice is all you need to iPhone battery replacement a cell phone damaged by water. In addition to knowing how to use rice, the most important thing to know is not to turn on your cell phone when it has suffered water damage. While you may be curious to see if it still works if you turn on your device while wet, the circuits will roam and cause it to break the phone's wires forever. Do yourself a favor and try the following steps before pushing the switch.

How to repair a mobile phone with water damage

- Remove the battery first. Any other small space you can take out, such as a battery plug, USB cable, etc., can also be removed
- Fill an airtight container with rice.
- Place your phone with all the smaller components, for example. The battery, in the completely buried rice, and close the lid
- Leave your cell phone overnight
- Next morning, take out your cell phone, put it back together and violate, there is a high chance that it will work again

The reason why rice is such an easy remedy for mobile phones immersed in water is because rice acts as a natural desiccant. This means that it extracts moisture from your phone to the rice particles. As a result, by patiently leaving your phone in the rice overnight, it is allowed to dry completely, so the next time you turn it on, it works without a short circuit. Of course, you may have spilled some rice, but the end result is much better than wasting a cell phone!

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