Features of Hugely Admired Navajo Rugs

Posted by jasminmaclean on January 21st, 2020

As the second-largest tribe in the United States, Navajo tradition has certainly captured the attention of not just the States but the whole world as well. Their weaving tradition goes back hundreds of years in the past and its uniqueness still finds admiration in the visual arts. There are items such as coin purse, wallets, mugs, jewelry, and whatnot sold online that are inspired by Navajo’s rich art form. The most appreciated of the items are the rugs, especially the rugs that use Navajo crystal rug design.

Rugs that are made using Navajo art form certainly have their distinct features. Let’s take a look at those features.

1.Weavers well-versed in the Navajo art of weaving rugs make use of vertical looms that uses a figure-eight pattern in which the yarn is long, unbroken, and continuously connected with the loom. Majority of the Navajo rugs are known for having no fringe and the rugs that do are Germantown rugs from the latter half of the 1800s

2.If Navajo rugs are weaved by someone who is truly familiar with the tradition, you can be assured that the Native American rug designs will not be created using synthetic yarn. Genuine Navajo rugs are made from using cotton or wool for warp and weft. Wefts run along with the breadth of the rug while the warps along the length of the rug, which is carefully hand-woven

3.Typical Navajo rugs feature 4 finished edges, which are cords of yarn that run along with the weft loops on the rugs’ corners and come back into the cloth instead of being cut and irregularly slashed. These yarn cords are interlaced into the cloth which produces tassel around the edges of the rug. This old Navajo weaving technique perfectly adjusts the edges of the rug as well as provides the left and right sides of the rug with proper durability

4.Most Navajo rugs have lazy lines, which are diagonal lines that are short and mostly present over a strong color area of the rug. This unique weaving aspect of the Navajo rug is known by several names such as knock wrap, lightning design, pulled wrap, scalloped edge weave, and a few other names. Do not make the mistake of seeing these diagonal lines like some sort of defect in the design of a rug. As a matter of fact, this design feature of a Navajo rug is what separates it from other rugs of the world

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