5 Features That Make Microsoft Office 2010 a Must-Have

Posted by michellumb55 on January 21st, 2020

Microsoft made its official release on May 12, 2010 of a new edition of office home business 2019 mac. Microsoft has developed numerous new features that will entirely change the way you manage and create your documents and media presentation. We are going to discuss the five top features of the new Microsoft Office 2019.

1. Word

Photos: With Microsoft Office 2019 word, you can easily edit the photos while in your word document, applying color changes, modifying the photo background like omitting unwanted objects and saving it as a new image. There is also more flexibility in the word art. There are variations with the search feature. There is a wide range of options with the text effect, and you can change the regular text into word art with text box feature as well.

2. Excel

Graphs: The most significant change in Microsoft Office 2010 is the ability to have a graph in an individual cell known as the Spark lines features as opposed to the charts in the version of Microsoft 2007. With this feature, following your spreadsheet is made simpler and precise. Using this feature and others like the Pivot Table, you can filter and segment data in multiple layers using slicers to analyze more efficiently and spend less time with the formatting.

3. PowerPoint

Video: PowerPoint in the office home business 2019 mac allows video media in your presentation with editing options, setting poster frames and changing of contrast, color and many more. Microsoft introduced a brand new feature known as Broadcast Slide Show, a service that allows you to share your presentation with others via the Internet. The receiver does not require PowerPoint to view it.

4. OneNote

Digital Notebook: With Microsoft Office 2010 OneNote feature, you can organize, track, and as well share text, image, audio, and video notes. In Addition, the OneNote feature gives you more control over records with other new features such as auto highlighting, Linked Notes, and version tracking.

5. Microsoft Office Backstage

New file menu: Microsoft introduced this feature, which replaced the traditional file menu by providing a common area for file management such as sharing, printing, saving and publishing. The feature also makes it possible for easy access to file commands and again makes it simple to customize tabs giving you a unique workspace that best suits your style of work.

Office home business 2019 mac is well packed with lots of other features that will improve your documents, spreadsheets, and presentation. If you are making use of older versions of Microsoft Office, then you are missing many fantastic and awesome features available in the latest version of Microsoft Office word. You are, therefore, advised to upgrade to 2010 Microsoft Office and experience a new level of simplicity and awesomeness.

Most people have used Microsoft Word at some point in their lives since it has been around for along time. They use it to create sharp, professional documents, and at the same time, many are less sure of how to make use of other Microsoft programs. Excel can create spreadsheets that are easy to manipulate for schedules and budgeting, and PowerPoint brings it all together with incredible graphics presentations. Microsoft Office allows you to strap the power of all these programs together. You can also switch in between emails and documents; import and export contact information and share it with others. Microsoft Office also allows you to write and publish blogs and provides online privacy security.


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