What Methods a Mining Asset Appraiser Use in the Business?

Posted by Johnson Valuation on January 21st, 2020

Mining assets can be very challenging provided the amount of geologic uncertainty in resources and reserves, it’s tough to understand how much metal is there. This article tells you how to value assets.

The finest way of valuing a mining company or asset is to hire a mining asset appraiser or a national appraisal consulting firm to create a DCF or Discounted Cash Flow model, which considers a mining plan given in the technical report. Without such studies one needs to choice to more basic metrics.

Let’s go through some valuation methods that a mining asset appraiser uses in the business:


Price to Net Asset Value or (P/NAV) is the most significant mining valuation metrics. Net Asset Value is NPV or Net Present Value or DCF or Discounted Cash Flow value of future cash flow of mining asset minus any debts plus cash if any. This model could be forecasted to end of mine life as well as discounted back as technical reports have a detailed and precise Life of Mine plan.


The “P-cash flow” or Price to Cash Flow ratio is common however only used in producing mines because it takes existing cash flow in the year, related to pricing in the safety. Its ratio takes the attuned business cash flow in the provided year as well as compares it to the sharing price. Working cash flow is afterward interest also after taxes, however, it does not incorporate capital expenditures.


EV/Resource ratio takes total sources available in the grounds as well as divides them by enterprise values of business. The metrics are typically utilized for big-stage development projects, whereas there are not many detailed data. This ratio is basic and it doesn’t consider the capital costing to create the mines, nor operating costs to scrape the metal.

TAC (Total Acquisition Cost)

One more commonly utilized metric in the mining business for early-stage projects is TA or Total Acquisition Cost. It represents the costing to obtain the assets, create the mine as well as operate it, all on the per-ounce basis.

For more information on these metrics, you can hire a mining asset appraiser or a national appraisal consulting firm. He will use one of these mining asset valuation methods. If you want to learn more about it or expand your knowledge, you can check some additional sources.

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