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Photo reportage (1945 - 1989)

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Not only was an unprecedented level of realism and drama allowed in the images of war, but also in dealing with other issues. The photo of the reporter was the only one that showed not only healthy, youthful and active bodies, but also pictures from suffering, decaying to those horrifying mountains of corpses from the concentration camps of the Third Reich.

The image report is primarily about triggering a shock with something new. Such images shake up and arouse sympathy. The aim is to ensure that the causes of the suffering are eliminated and that the victims are quickly provided with help.

Consumer advertising (1960 - 1989)

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In the twenties, modern industrial society was shaped by the bourgeois world. The transition to a leisure and consumer society took place in the late 1950s.

It has always been known that the naked skin's sex appeal is one of the most irresistible incentives to buy. The camera knew how to play it most seductively. Since the invention of the glamor look in the 1930s at the latest, it was recognized that dosed sex appeal is much better received than placard and that the customer appreciates when there is a real connection between nudity and advertised goods, such as lingerie and swimwear, Personal care etc

The use of female nudes in consumer advertising has been massively attacked by feminists since the mid-1970s.

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Nude design (1960 - 1980)

The increasing demand of the leisure society for pictures of enticingly beautiful appearances created a completely new camera profession after the Second World War, the photo design. He knows how to realize every desired motif in aesthetic perfection.

The photographic nude design enjoys public approval today. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that the intent behind it is a familiar one, namely to provide templates for erotic male fantasies.

Playmates (1960-1989)

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From 1954 the Playboy magazine appeared regularly. The "Playboy" was a kind of revolution in America. A whole new genre of commercial nude photography emerged - the Playmate recording. Decisive for the development of the Playmate recordings are the small freedoms that were allowed from year to year to test the public's reaction to the joyous shamelessness. Playmates took liberties, became increasingly provocative and openly erotic, plain text pornographic.

Even today, the women's movement has never succeeded in persuading at least the female part of the population to take long-term protests against the business with photos that depict women as objects of pleasure.

Pornography (1839-1989)

According to the orthodox bourgeois moral tradition, there is a big difference between erotic and pornography. One should be entertaining, the other dirty and reprehensible.

Pornography is said to immediately arouse desire and is a substitute for real experience of sexual needs.

With the liberal tradition of thought since the end of the previous century, both are found to be harmless. One invokes the insight of psychology. “Eroticism and pornography have a common root in human sexuality and only represent the poles of a continuous spectrum of expressions that emphasize lust and are per se equal.

Photo pornography has been legalized for almost two decades, but it is still differentiated from photo erotic. The photo erotic showed the half-veiled, subtle and merely suggestive cultivated. On the other hand, pornography focused on the vulgar, intrusive and often clearly repulsive.

Action art (1965 - 1989)

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The idea of ​​letting the audience participate in the art process resulted in the happenings, painting actions that developed into process art. On the one hand there were the mixed media events, the more carefree, playful and on the other hand the body and performance art, the more existential, ritual-like art.


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