Erotic Photography part 2

Posted by Eroart on January 21st, 2020

Nude portrait (1965-1989)

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With the nude portrait, you dispense with all stage glamor. The models are selected without regard to fashionable norms of photogeneity. One tried to present nudity as a completely unspectacular part of everyone's everyday life.

Interesting comparisons of the views of the female and male nudes can now be made. The photographers tend to be more beautiful, erotic, and the photographers more to the unsightly, authentic, which tendency has to do with the demands of the women's movement.

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Nude Variations (1965-1989)

After the nude portrait, contemporary photographers developed new views of nudity, such as the subjective reports or picture series. Her motifs are nudity in public appearance, in which everyday scenes reveal the deeper absurdity of today's social rituals. Unusual perspectives or unusual admission procedures are preferred in order to make familiar things seem alien and thus to provoke active perception in the tradition of new vision in the 1920s.


The magic of a photo is that we can be sure what we see in the picture was actually there once when it was taken by the photographer. Photography therefore documents a historical reality. When looking at a picture, we are not only confronted with the transience of the depicted scene, but also with the perpetuation of a moment, a person or a look. This point of view was explained by Köhler [6].

2.4 150 years of nude photography
Köhler [7] described the camera as the primary instrument of image production in the technical age. At the same time, it was a miracle of versatility that was capable of almost all imaginable performances. The tremendous success of photography during the 150 years since its invention can be explained by the fact that its users have no inclination to commit it to the privileged status of an art medium. They preferred to cultivate them as a universal supplier for any image consumption.

With photography it was possible to suit every situation and every taste.

The choice of aesthetic means for nude photos is primarily determined by what later use and which later users they were intended for.

It makes most sense to be based on a typology of users or the usage of nude photos that they have emerged over time. The following main types of nude photos can be distinguished: photos of the naked body, in the context of the visual arts, ethnology, erotic entertainment, advertising, photo journalism and the various branches of physical culture such as dance, gymnastics, sport and nudism.

Exhibitions and catalogs attempt to use the example of the nude photo to create a panorama of the views of the body in the youngest stage of our culture, the technical age. One tries to uncover what conditions and limits body fantasies are subjected to by bourgeois sexual morality and to show what changes have occurred in our collective body myths in the past 150 years.

The selection of pictures is limited to pictures that are best suited to provide information about the moral ideas and the body feeling of their respective time of origin.

2.5 Photography and women
“You shouldn't get an idea of ​​me” (first commandment of the Book of Moses 20 Old Testament). It was no accident that the Old Testament God issued this commandment. In the history of mankind, images have undoubtedly shaped the image of man more than words. We live in a time when the power of the image increases.

Beate Knappe [8] finds that women can sing a song about it. They are fixed a thousand times in advertising, media, film and art: as whores or saints, as bodies without heads, as objects that can be used or destroyed - according to the mood of the beholder.

No event has changed a society's communication as much as the invention of photography, no other event has changed its social and professional structures as significantly as the Industrial Revolution.

The first German women's movement developed in parallel in Germany. It is little known that the protagonists of this women's movement were the first photographers such as Adelgunde Köttgen, Anita Augsburg and Sophia Goudstikker. [9] Photography offered women social recognition that they would not have achieved in any other professional activity.


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