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Posted by Australia ETA on January 22nd, 2020

Norway must have a name. The green capital Oslo, the quiet town of Bergen, and the Arctic Gate Tromso .Some people say that the most important thing to travel to Norway is to learn to give up, because there are so many unique beauty in this country. So I do n’t have to say much. The members will use these three cities as a starting point to help everyone understand this wonderful Nordic country. Babies who plan to go to Nordic / Norway to play with this guide are safe to eat and drink!If you would like to visit Europe, Canada, Belgium, Australia visa uk, contact them.

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Norway Introduction

Booking of trains in Norway

Norway is located in western Scandinavia in northern Europe and is also known as the "Northern Road." Extending north to the northernmost tip of Europe, South and Denmark face the sea across the sea. The territory of Norway is long and narrow from north to south, the coastline is abnormally tortuous, and there are many coastal islands, up to 150,000, so it is known as the country of 10,000 islands. Norway is also one of the countries with the most mountain ranges in Europe. Plateaus, mountains and glaciers account for about 75% of the country's land area. Norway's internal transportation system is quite convenient, and train and ferry trains are closely connected to each other. "NSB Togruter" can be obtained free of charge at the train station, which includes train schedules and transfer information to and from buses. The departure time of boats and buses may change depending on the season or even holidays (for example, there are particularly few departures on Saturdays and Sundays), so the babies who travel to reach the destination, may wish to turn to the tourist service of the train station for the latest schedule Oh.

Oslo | Bergen | Tromso


Oslo is the capital of Norway. It is located at the end of the Oslofjord, facing the sea and backing the mountains. It has the scenery of a coastal city and the magnificence of relying on alpine dense forests. The buildings on both sides of the streets of Oslo have a strong medieval color, and together with the unique Nordic scenery here, it is no wonder that the happiness index of residents often ranks in the top cities in the world! 

National Gallery of Norway | Nasjonalmuseet

The National Gallery is the most abundant museum in Norway. The most famous of these are the "Scream" by the famous Norwegian painter Edvard Munch, and paintings by artists such as Van Gogh and Dahl. Babies who like to visit museums and art galleries will be very happy inside. (Note: The art gallery will be renovated on January 13, 2019. The new art museum will not open until 2021! Pay attention to the friends who arranged the trip!)

Address: Universitetsgata 13 , Oslo

Opening hours: temporarily closed

Royal Palace Oslo | Det Kongelige Slott

The Royal Palace of Oslo was built in the 19th century and is where the King and Queen of Norway lived. Like Buckingham Palace in London, the Oslo Palace is only open to tourists in the summer. To visit the interior of the palace, you must participate in an explanation group for about 1 hour. Tickets for the tour can be purchased at Narvesen or 7-11 (both convenience stores). If there are still tickets left before the tour, you can buy them at the entrance of the palace. Every day at 13:30, you can watch the Changing of the Guards ceremony. For those who are not interested in the interior of the palace, visiting the beautiful back garden is also a good choice.

Ot :Slottsplassen 1 , 0010 Oslo


The walk

Speaking of shopping, the Promenaden shopping district in Oslo must not be missed! It is located in the center of Oslo. There are flag stores of international luxury brands such as Hermès, Louis Vuitton and Burberry. There are also many popular brands such as Acne Studios, Ganni, Isabel Marant and so on. Oslo's two largest department stores, Eger Shopping Center and Steen & Strøem are also here. There are countless brands inside, so you can't stop at all!

Nedre Slottsgate 8 , 0157 Oslo, Norway

Camillas Hus is a hotel full of Norwegian royal style. The most notable is the first-class "housekeeper" service, which makes you feel like a nobleman living in a Nordic castle! The hotel offers both continental and à la carte breakfast options each morning. The surrounding environment is beautiful, it is also good to visit the beautiful park that the hotel comes with. This hotel is also in a great location, with popular landmarks nearby including Castle Park, the Norwegian Royal Palace and the National Theatre.

Ve :Parkveien 31 , 0350 Oslo


Lysebu Hotel

Lysebu Hotel is located on Tryvannshøyden Hill in Oslo, only 750 metres from Voksenkollen Metro Station. Nothing is more unique about this hotel than the beautiful mountain views. Rooms with outdoor balconies can enjoy beautiful views of the Sørkedalen Valley and Norefjell Mountain without leaving the house. The on-site restaurant is equipped with panoramic windows and serves Norwegian cuisine. In summer, guests can dine on the terrace and enjoy the view. The hotel has its own wine cellar for guests to organise wine tastings. The hotel also sometimes hosts art exhibitions and live music events. I don't want to go out in a hotel like this!

Lysebuveien 12 , 0712 Oslo 


There are two types of public transport buses and trams in Oslo. All trams pass through the central train station (Jernbanetorget), and many bus lines also pass here. You can come here by public transport to various attractions. There are only 31 and 37 night buses on weekdays (Monday to Friday), and there are additional routes on weekends. You can use the regular pass to enjoy the night bus service at no extra cost.

Babies playing in Oslo can get an "Oslo Pass". The City Pass has more than 1, 2 and 3 days to choose from, and the price is not expensive. The more attractions you visit, the more you take public transportation. Cost-effective, specific functions are as follows:

1. Visit more than 30 local attractions for free;

2. Free ride on public transportation in Oslo;

3. Enjoy free or discounts when participating in activities: such as cruises, hiking tours, sightseeing buses, ski rental, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, Tusenfryd amusement park, etc .;

4, enjoy special discounts in restaurants, shops and other leisure and entertainment venues.


Bergen is the second largest city in Norway. Unlike other Nordic cities, Bergen not only inherits pure and rough Nordic ancestry, but also exudes elegant and noble temperament. 


The ancient city of Bergen | Gamle Bergen

There are more than 40 wooden houses in the ancient city of Bergen, representing the architecture of Bergen in the 18th and 19th centuries. The interiors of these houses are also full of retro accents, showing a picture of town life. It can be said that the entire Old Town is a big museum, and the colorful houses are also the photo sacred place for the blockbuster!

Bergen, Norway

Opening hours: Open all day

Floyen | Mount Floyen

Floyen is the best place to get a bird's eye view of Bergen. Compared to several other mountains in Bergen, Fløyen's trails are more suitable for hiking and are equipped with the world-famous Fløibanen mountain cable car, which is convenient for tourists to enjoy the beautiful scenery. There are free drinking spring water and seats on the mountain road, and you can take a picture of Bergen from the mountainside. There are casual cafes, souvenir shops, and the famous Norwegian demon sculpture on the top of the mountain. In short, the human and natural landscapes here will not let you down.

Address: Vetrlidsallmenningen 21 , 5014 Bergen, Norway

Opening hours: The cable car (Fløibanen) runs from Monday to Friday 7:30 to 23:00; Saturday 8:00 to 23:00; Sunday 8:00 to 23:00

Fish Market | Fish Market


The fish market is not necessarily a must-visit "attraction", but a place you will definitely pass by when you come to Bergen, because the tourist information center is located next to the fish market! Contrary to the tranquility of the Nordic tradition, this is Norway's most noisy open-air market, and it seems that it has crossed into another world at once. The seafood here is incomparably fresh. If you live in a bed and breakfast, you can buy it back and process it yourself. Of course, you can also find a kitchen with a kitchen and sit down to eat at the fish market, but the price should be much more expensive.

Ka :Strandkaien 3 , 5013 Bergen, Norway

Opening hours: May to September 7:00 to 21:00; the rest of the time Monday to Thursday 9:00 to 17:00, Friday and Saturday 9:00 to 20:00, Sunday 11:00 to 20: 00

This apartment is particularly well-equipped. The old couple and the host are enthusiastic and friendly, so that you can feel the warmth of home in the faraway Norway. The kitchen supplies and seasonings are fully prepared to make Chinese food (and rice and rice cookers). The room is large enough to accommodate six people, and each room is beautiful and warmly furnished. There is Bergen Pier outside the window, and you can enjoy the invincible beauty in the house quietly without going out. Downstairs is the fish market mentioned earlier. You can cook your own food after buying fresh seafood.

Strandkaien 16 , Bergenhus, 5013, Bryggen

oyjorden Apartment is an apartment with a beautiful courtyard garden. The whole house is clean and bright, and there is a large open-air balcony. It is beautiful to eat while enjoying the mountain and lake views. The location of the apartment is very close to the old part of Bergen city center, there are supermarkets and bus platforms nearby, and there is free parking at the door, highly recommended for babies!

:26 oyjordsveien , Bergenhus, 5038 Brygge

Light Rail


Bergen's light rail runs between the city centre and Nesttun in the south, which is the main public transport method in southern Bergen. The light rail line passes through the Bergen Railway Station, the bus stop, the Brann Soccer Stadium, and the student homes at Fantoft along the way.

 Operating hours: 6:00 am to 1:00 am, running seven days a week, usually every 10 minutes.

The bus card in Bergen is called "Skysskort" and can be purchased at the passenger desk, either personally or anonymously. Both cards can be recharged at a time of kr. 200 (approximately 22.5 pounds) and bought at the driver or ticket machine. With a personal bus card, you can buy a pass for 7, 30, or 180 days. You can use the city's public transportation for an unlimited period of time. Students get discounts on purchasing pass cards.

 Operating hours: Buses operate all day, and the main train lines in the city center usually run every 20 minutes.


In Norway, if you can only choose one place to see the Aurora, there is no doubt that it must be this 10,000-year-old city of Aurora-TROMSØ! Tromso is located in the middle of the aurora ellipse, and the probability of seeing the aurora is very high. In addition, the aurora season here is also very long, from September to April the following year have the opportunity to watch, the baby who is looking for Aurora came here to be considered right! 

Arctic Cathedral | Ishavskatedralen

Arctic Cathedral is a landmark of Tromso. The spectacular snow-capped mountains are inlaid with the largest stained glass window in Northern Europe. It shines in the white snow. It is really beautiful!

Hans Nilsens vei 41 , 9020 Tromsdalen

Opening hours: Check the official website for specific opening hours



The entrance to this snow-covered mountain range is right next to the Arctic Cathedral. You can reach the viewing platform of the Snow Mountain by polar cable car, and enjoy 360-degree panoramic views of Tromso city and fjord. You can climb to the top in about 1 hour. In the rainy and snowy days, there are few tourists, and the natural scenery is particularly spectacular and beautiful. If you can meet Aurora on a snowy mountain, you can't be more lucky!

Address: Sollivegen 12 , 9020 Tromsø,

The location of this hotel is very convenient! Located in the centre of Tromso, just a few minutes walk from the polar cables and the cathedral. The light wood-colored wall feels very warm. I like this snowy outside and the hot feel at home!

Stor :5 Storsteinnesvegen , 9020, Tromsø

Søndre Forøya Gård

If you want to enjoy nature, breathe fresh air, and don't care about the distance between the hotel and the city center, this is definitely the perfect place to stay. You can borrow the boss's boat to see whales and puffins; you can also fish here and ask the boss to help you cook. At the same time, it is also a great place to see the aurora. Many tourists say that they have seen the aurora here. Don't look at the hotel's slightly crude appearance, the room is still very warm and there is nothing to choose from.

Malangsveien 3417 , S. Forøya Gård, Mortenhals, 9056, Tromsø

Tromso is more suitable for self-driving tours. Of course, if the Student Party does not have a car, you can also book tour groups online . Or you can visit the Tromso Tourist Service Center , where staff will patiently answer all your questions!

Tromso Tourist Service Address: Kirkegata 2 , 9008 Tromsø

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 09:00 to 19:00, Saturday 9:00 to 18:00, Sunday 10:00 to 18:00.


Recommended restaurants in Norway

Mathallen Food Hall

One of the most popular food markets in the city, Oslo, is Mathallen Food Hall. It looks like a two-storey warehouse, where you can not only buy the freshest ingredients, but also gather gourmet restaurants from all over the world. From civilian snacks to all kinds of high-quality delicious, seafood, fruits and vegetables, cheese, ice cream, everything here. Many small shops offer free tastings. Everyone can choose the food and enjoy it in the public lounge area.

Address: Vulkan 5 , Oslo 0178, Norway

Opening hours: Check official website for detailed opening hours



Kontrast is a Michelin one-star restaurant in Oslo. This restaurant is unique in that there is no fixed menu, and the chef will choose the best ingredients on the table every day. The dishes and plates are full of nature, and each dish is carefully cooked. Six to eight dishes will be served before and after a meal here. Each dish will be explained about the creative origin of the dish, and guests will be left with 20 minutes of social time between each dish. It can be said that it is a good place to experience Nordic food culture.

Maridalsveien 15 , Oslo 0178, Norway

Time: Tuesday to Saturday from 18:00 to 22:00


Hendrix Ibsen Cafe

Oslo's coffee culture is one of the best even in Europe. The cafés here use the best quality coffee beans and undergo the least processing to produce mellow and original coffee. Hendrix Ibsen's name is a combination of the name of an author and a pop singer. So there are not only hand-made coffee made by the owner, but also vinyl records on the wall. Simultaneously. Hendrix Ibsen is the first coffee shop in Norway to sell Nitro Coffee. Combining nitrogen with coffee, its silky and dense texture has won the favor of many coffee lovers. Interested babies can experience it!

Maridalsveien 13 E , Oslo 0178, Norway

Time: Monday to Friday 8:00 to 18:00, Saturday and Sunday 9:00 to 18:00

Lindesnes Under | Underwater Restaurant


This restaurant called "Under" is located in the Lindesnes Autonomous Region, the southernmost part of the Norwegian coastline. This unique location is the junction of the North and the South. It is the first underwater restaurant in Europe. Take a look. The restaurant itself is also a marine research center, where you can enjoy delicious dishes while watching the magical underwater world, and the trained staff can also explain the creatures on the sea floor to guests. Such a special restaurant is definitely worth a visit, after all, nature is never disappointing!

Address: Bålyveien 48 , 4521 Lindesnes

Emma's Drommek Jokes

Coming to Tromso, members recommended this popular restaurant called Emma's Drommek jokken. This restaurant has a very good local reputation and the service is very warm. It is located near the cathedral. Here, you can taste the whale steak Steak and reindeer sausage. As one of the few countries in the world that can legally eat whale meat, this is a must experience project!

Site: Kirkegata 8 , Tromso, 9000, Norway

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 11:00 to 22:00, Saturday 12:00 to 22:00; closed on Sunday

 Norwegian Travel Security Tips

The weather in Norway changes a lot, please keep warm, especially when camping in the mountains at night, the temperature difference between day and night is large. In winter, most areas of Norway will be covered by snow and ice, and the sun is very short. We must take measures to keep heat and slip. Western Norway has abundant rain, strong winds, and variable weather. Because of the changing wind direction, the rainwater is non-directional, especially in mountainous areas, and it will still get wet when you umbrella. Please pay attention to prepare windproof and waterproof jackets and pants. If you go hiking, it is best to bring a pair of hard soles, waterproof and non-slip hiking shoes (Goretex), and don't forget to bring sunglasses to prevent UV damage to the eyes.


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