Top 5 list of Amazon rainforest animals. Which species are getting endangered?

Posted by Abhijeet aswal on January 22nd, 2020

One of the well known natural habitats of many animals is none other than the Amazon rainforest. Also, the wild life expert has named it as the huge source of oxygen. There was a time when all the wild animals used to live there safely with no worry. But, these days, the Amazon rainforest animalsare endangered about their habitat. It is due to the reduction in the greenery part due to deforestation. Also, this led to extinction of many animals that lived in this forest. Let us find out some of the animals and the facts about them:

List of amazon rainforest animals

  1. Jaguar

This animal is known as the biggest member of the cat’s family. It was first discovered in South America.  Later, this wild animal was observed in a bulk in amazon rainforest. But, in the recent days, the population of Jaguars in this forest is diminishing.

  1. Ocelot

Are you hearing this name for the first time? This is yet another member of the cat’s family which is found in Amazon rainforest just after the Jaguar as well as Puma. They are not very big in size and is seen to hunt on the birds, fishes as well as small mammals.

  1. Hyacinth Macaw

This is one of the usual birds found in Amazon rainforest that is having a good length of 3.3 feet right from the head till the feet. This is one of the very beautiful birds that has the blue colour feather which looks fascinating in the skies of amazon forest.

  1. Giant Anteater

This is a big animal which is found in the amazon rainforest which has the habit of chowing down on the bugs which includes the ants as well. They also have long tongue as well as tabular snouts. They have the average height of 7 feet and usually found in the floor of rainforest.

  1. Mountain Gorillas

This animal found in amazon rainforest belongs to the family of human beings. They are quite similar to the Chimpanzee, orangutans and bonobos. But among all of them the Gorillas have well developed brain. They can even think like the human being.But, they are going into the verge of extinction.

There are many more amazon rainforest animals who are looking for a safe and natural habitat. But, some of the reckless activities of the human being has created panic among the animals. Some of them has also lost their habitat.

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