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WOW8.3 adds more games and new ways of playing

Posted by smilutaneous858 on January 22nd, 2020

Since the launch of the 8.0 expansion "Clash of Azeroth", the designer has also presented players with a lot of new game content. In addition to the most basic PVE content-the team copy and the five secret copy of the Great Rift, there are also Many games suitable for casual players, today I will summarize with you, what are the new content in 8.3, or what changes have been made based on the original?

Island adventure
As a new addition to the original Azeroth expansion film, Island Expedition is not so much an "exploration" as an ultimate "tool map" for players. At the beginning of each small version, in order to quickly upgrade Azeroth The heart of the Si necklace, many players repeatedly brush the artifact energy in the island, a wave of Qionghua Village can be called "strange art", and the weekly weekly reward is also the motivation for players to experience it occasionally.

There is no actual change in the 8.3 island expedition at present, but an NPC has been added, which is a disguised increase in the probability of players getting items dropped by the island expedition. Collections of mounts, pets, and transfigurations from the previous island map can only be obtained by playing island adventures, and this NPC will refresh different items every week, and three salvaged large wooden boxes will appear each time. The three levels of boxes are ordinary, hero, and epic. They can open more than three island items and an unlimited number of Vanilla WOW Gold. Players can spend money to buy boxes at this merchant for lottery, and suddenly think of themselves all the way Nearly 10,000 seafarers' coins have suddenly had a consumption channel, and it's quite happy to think about it.

New Horror Illusion
The new "Illusion of Horror" added in the 8.3 version is a link to the game content-it is similar to the previous single-player campaigns such as the training of the dead and the death of Cromy, but also supports teaming up to 5 people The gameplay is also a simulation test for the single-player big secret "climbing tower" mode in the future version 9.0. The two are similar but not the same. The ghost illusion has a fixed mission goal, and the completion of the mission is considered a victory. After making preparations and becoming familiar with the route and process, it should be a relatively easy task to complete the apparition. In the later stage, the player's fun should be to challenge those "very dangerous areas". In the future 9.0 tower climbing mode, all reward targets include monster types, World of Warcraft Classic Gold, and numbers are randomly generated, with greater uncertainty.

From here we can see that designers are increasingly starting to consider the feelings of individual players. Although MMORPG's in-game social networking is very important, it is difficult for many special players to have too much energy to spend in the game every day. People who come here to meet friends, and occasionally go online to experience new game content, is a very happy thing for them.

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