Job Post Writing Tips: How to Rank Job Ads and Attract More Candidates

Posted by PinPoster on January 22nd, 2020

A free job advertisingplatform is great for small businesses and startups. It saves money and time while facilitating the ease of posting job ads. But, do you know it is not going to benefit you much unless you don’t know what makes a job post compelling and searchable? Yes, it’s disheartening but true. Luckily, you don’t have to worry because we have come up with a few tips and tricks that will help you create an effective job post. 

So, stop worrying too much and check out what you should consider while going for free job advertising. 

How to rank my job ads in search results?

The first thing you should ensure is to make your job posts visible for job seekers. Here are a few tips steps to increase visibility:

  • Prefer exact terms: Use exact terms of the title or job description because many job boards use exact matching for their search algorithm.  
  • Don’t reinvent the role: Use the most common terms to specify the role and don’t try to reinvent the role. For instance, if you are looking for an Administration Assistant, write the same instead of modifying it into another term, such as Office Assistant.
  • Proper Spacing: Properly space the title. For example, if you are writing Legal Assistant/Office Manager, it’s better to use space between the slash and words for two reasons. The first reason is better readability and the second is that some job boards consider the above job title as one rather than two independent words. 
  • Use keywords: Do a little keyword stuffing to make the job description more findable. You can find different related keywords with the help of Google’s Keyword Planning. 

How to Attract More Candidates to Read Your Job Posts?

In order to maximize the click-through rate (CTR), you need to ensure that potential candidates choose to click on your job advertisement. For that to happen, you should:

  • Make description innovative: Choose an innovative description to set yourself apart from others. 
  • Make title Eye-catchy: Though we have suggested you to choose typical keywords that most people use while searching, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make it appealing. Just try to add some spice to the title. For instance, instead of writing simply “Administrative Assistant”, you can write “Administrative Assistant (Gym Membership and Full Benefits)”. 
  • Don’t exceed 60 characters: Job titles that are between 50 and 60 characters perform much better than others. So, no matter if you are given the leverage of using more space for title at some job platform, it is best to stick with the above limit. 
  • Use Parenthesis: Use Parenthesis () wherever applicable because their inclusion has shown to increase CTR. 
  • AvoidALL CAPS: Don’t make the title loud by writing it in ALL CAPS. Many people assume that writing title in all caps make their title more eye-catchy. However, the truth is that it is annoying for most readers. In case of job posts, it feels like the job is yelling at the candidate. 
  • State Salary Range: Try to state the salary range because it helps set the expectations for candidates and if the salary range is attractive, more candidates will work harder to get the position. 

Use these tips while writing a job post for free job advertising platform and update it regularly so that more and more people see the post, click on it, and apply. 

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