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How You Can Use Secondary Antibodies Effectively

Posted by eliteinternet06 on January 22nd, 2020


There are many host species used in the production of antibodies and goat is the most preferred animal among them. Goat antibodies that are available in high volumes are important for Immunodiagnostic kits, HCP (Host Cell Protein) Assays, and Potency assays.


Several companies are working toward the development of antibodies that are further used in different applications. Custom protocol development is available to meet your specific needs.


How Secondary Antibodies are Helpful: The goat anti-llama biotin  is secondary antibodies that are affinity-purified and ideal for llama immunoglobulins. They are quite helpful in purification and detection of the particular target.


Features of Secondary Antibodies: Secondary antibodies provide enhanced ability to the users to utilize them in distinct detection systems like AP, HRP, and fluorescence.


They can also offer higher sensitivity with the help of signal amplification as several secondary antibodies are capable enough to attach to just one primary antibody.


Ideally, goat anti-llama biotin is produced in a process where the host species are immunized in a pool of immunoglobulins through the species targeted which in turn can be altered or purified.  


Storage and Rehydration: It can be stored solid at 2-8°C freeze-dried. Then it can be rehydrated with the dH2O volume given and then in case it is not clear, it can be centrifuged.

The working dilution can be prepared if it needs to be used within a day. The product remains stable for nearly 6 weeks in undiluted liquid form at 2-8°C 


Extended Storage Post Rehydration:  Take the subsample and then freeze it at -70°C or less. Do not carry out freezing & thawing repeatedly. Also, add the same volume of glycerol to attain the 50 % as a final concentration and then store it in the form of a liquid at -20°C.


Expiration Period: It comes with an expiration period of 1 year from the rehydration date. It is possible to extend the date of expiration in case you get acceptable test results for the desired use.


Nuclear Proteins: Nuclear proteins include DNPK1 which is a DNA-based protein kinase serine/threonine kinase which is the ideal molecular sensor for DNA damage. DNA-PK is part of the ligation process of the non-homologous edge connecting DNA’s DSB repair (double-strand break) and (NHEJ) pathway. 


Biotin: Biotin-SP is the known name used for biotin along with the 6-atom spacer placed between biotin & protein and it combines to this protein easily. When the goat anti-llama biotin – SP combined antibodies are utilized in various enzyme immunoassays, the sensitivity automatically shoots up as compared to the biotin-combined antibodies excluding the spacer. 


Biotin-SP combined antibodies are utilized with the - alkaline phosphatase-combined streptavidin.


If you are wanting to learn more about biotin antibodies and related information on secondary antibodies, please visit to get more details. 

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