Ainít no food like desi food Ė TikTok proves exactly that!

Posted by swapnil jukunte on January 22nd, 2020

They say that food has no boundaries. It’s probably true. India, with its rich heritage, has different food stories to share. Right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, and from Mumbai to Kolkata, each region and subregion has a particular signature dish associated with it. Even if the dish is the same, the way it is prepared is different. Take the example of the missal in Maharashtra, which is prepared differently in Mumbai and Pune and the sambhar, which has different ingredients depending on which South Indian state makes it. India’s diverse cultures and subcultures makes it one of the most popular food destinations in the world.

Recently, the leading short video platform TikTok partnered with Food TV to launch an in-app campaign called #FoodofIndia to encourage its users to create and share lip-smacking food content and get an opportunity to become famous as a food Vlogger, food reviewer or chef.

Additionally, as part of the challenge, some of India's popular chefs took the #FoodofIndia challenge under two themes - blindfold where the guests on the show will be blindfolded and asked to identify the dish and 3 ingredient recipes where the guests will get any three ingredients of his/her choice to create an exciting dish/recipe. These videos were also uploaded on TikTok.

Everyone loves food and on TikTok users are truly being able to explore their passion for food. Food has been one of the most popular categories on TikTok with over 28 billion views for the #DesiFood. Millions of users regularly post videos exhibiting their creativity using different themes, filters and hashtags. From teaching conventional Indian dishes to experimenting with different cuisines, Indians have been sharing their love and passion for food in more ways than one.

Here are some of the most popular food videos shared on TikTok

This super quick Rajma recipe: Rajma-chawal is a staple across India, and although its roots lie in the northern part of the country, this delicious dish has won a lot of love in other parts of the country as well. TikTok user Khana Sajana shared a quick and easy rajma chawal recipe that you can watch here.

Chaat anyone? Everyone loves chaat. Whether it’s the Mumbai bhelpuri or the Kolkata jhalmuri, you know that it’s going to taste awesome. The never-ending debate on which city Indian has the best street food will continue till the end of time, but one thing’s for certain: everyone loves chat. TikTok user Ruchika Asatkar shared this mouth-watering video right before she was going to devour a plate of paani puri, and we just have massive food cravings even though we finished lunch!

Street dosa FTW: If you say that you haven’t had street dosa, you’re either lying or missed out. The way you see the dosa vendor making the perfectly crisp pancake is a feast for the eyes, and the smells that come from the masalas and the chutneys leave your tummy rumbling. TikTok user Sacha Diaries shared a lovely TikTok video of the way dosa is prepared.

Anyone for fish fry: TikTok user Mithun Babu shared a video of his traditional Kerala fish fry recipe that will make every seafood lover start drooling. The TikTok video is short, the recipe simple.

Who would like a glass of tandoori chai? Sure, it’s not something you get everywhere in India, but tandoori chai has its takers. The tea is prepared in a traditional tandoor and is quite delicious. If you ever wondered how it’s prepared, TikTok user YumMumbai shares a TikTok video of how it is prepared.

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