How Safe Is Online Shopping?

Posted by Reward Eagle on January 22nd, 2020


Online shopping offers it all – buying products with a click, same-day delivery, wide variety of products and unbelievable deals. Thanks to all the benefits it provides, the popularity of online shopping has only grown with each passing year. Though shopping online is convenient, the platforms have become lucrative for hackers and scammers who often trick shoppers. Let us in this article learn how safe online shopping is and some tips you can use to shop online safely!

Online Shopping

Shopping online is not only convenient and easy, but it is quick at the same time. People can now buy whatever they want 24/7 and from anywhere. All shoppers need to do is visit the online store, compare prices, complete the purchase, and get the products delivered to the doorstep. There are no hassles like long queues to pay your bill, or finding parking! But, did you ever ask yourself – how safe is online shopping?

This is the ear of “click and buy” and people now shop online for almost anything like gifts, groceries, vegetables or food. Though shopping online is comfortable and saves time, it is also important to make sure of being safe when doing it. We come across stories of identity theft, hacking, and frauds who try to get hold of the user’s financial information.

Though reliable and reputed online stores use measures to keep your information safe, an extra step of vigilance is always helpful. Though online shopping is not always unsafe, shoppers can follow a few steps for safe online shopping. Let us know what they are!

Shop at a trusted online store, always

When you shop offline via brick and motor stores, you get a chance to have a look at the product physically before you purchase. You know that the business exists, and the product is genuine. But when shopping online, online stores can easily be fabricated by scammers who might want to steal your personal and financial information. So, it is important you only shop at trustworthy online stores. It is always safe to stay with e-commerce giants. If you have to use a new online store, you can choose options like Pay on Delivery to avoid entering your financial information online.

Check the size of the business

When you are shopping online, make sure to do a little research about the business. You need to dig deep into details when you are shopping at Amazon or Aliexpress; as you know the websites are reliable. But when you are shopping online at a new store, it is important to know the scale of the business. Check their social media pages; understand how they interact with their customers, check the customer's review and more. If you are still hesitant and need to buy the product, do give them a call to confirm.

If you are unable to get through the customer support or if there is no contact information listed, there are chances that it is a fake business.

Do not fall for really low prices

You might find amazing deals online, but do not fall for something available at a price that is too good to be real. If you come across a smartphone made available at a rock-bottom price, make sure you compare the price with other websites. There is a chance that the website only exists to capture information from users.

Do not use public Wi-Fi

A wireless network makes use of public airways, and anyone with a little technical knowledge can check what you are accessing on the web. As online shopping includes giving out your email, password, and financial information, you can be under a threat if you access it using public Wi-Fi. Never access any online shopping store when you are using public Wi-Fi. This also applies when you are trying to find some best deals online. If you still have to use public Wi-Fi, make sure to use a virtual private network (VPN).

Change your password regularly

While it is important and understood why you need to have a strong password, users also need to change their password from time to time. You can change the password once every six months or so to keep your account safe. If the online website offers an extra layer of protection, enable it without any second thought. Do not use the same password on various accounts, and make sure your password is very strong. Never use names, or easy to remember dates that can be guessed by scammers or hackers.

Check the security of the webpage

Only shop on websites that have SSL protection! Are you wondering what it is? You might see a small icon on the corner of the URL field on the browser that looks like a lock. This icon suggests that the website is using privacy protection called the “Secure Sockets Layer.” Also, the URL of the websites that use this protection starts with “https.” So, do not use sites that do not have “https” for online shopping, or be extra cautions when entering your information such sites. One of the safest options for purchasing on such sites is using the Pay on Delivery mode.

Using coupon codes

Various online websites also offer the best online coupons that can be used for amazing discounts. Make sure to check the safety and security of the website before you proceed with your purchase. If you are looking for a free coupon code to purchase a product, make sure to check for the same on reputed websites like Reward Eagle. Do not fall prey to rock-bottom prices or 100% free deals as they can be a scam.


Online shopping can be a hassle-free and safe experience when you shop from reputed and reliable websites. Make sure to keep the tips mentioned above in mind when shopping online the next time. Enjoy safe online shopping, anywhere and anytime!

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