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Posted by Rex Conner on January 22nd, 2020

Most attics are cluttered, as they are commonly used for personal storage spaces and often not looked after or maintained well. Some are left to collect dust and store items you no longer use but can’t seem to throw out. Attics often collect mildew, causing the wooden beams to rot, as most attics don’t have sufficient lighting or airflow. This is why many homeowners prefer to do an attic conversion and, during the conversion, many of them insist on installing dormer windows. (Information credit:

If you’re unsure on whether to invest in an attic conversion or not and you’re not familiar with a dormer structure, then you’ve come to the right place.

A dormer structure is a type of square or rectangular roofing structure that projects from the roof itself. They come with dormer windows, as sunlight and fresh air are essential. These structures, and their windows, can usually be seen on lofts or attic conversions. However, you should note that you can have a dormer window installed on the roof of your house without doing an attic conversion, as this type of window allows for optimal sunshine and fresh air throughout the house. You can also choose between three shapes of your standalone dormer window, which is square, rectangle and half crescent.

When you want to do an attic conversion, the limit of what you can do with that spare room is endless. You can turn your attic conversion into a family room to spend time with your loved ones or you could turn it into a spare room for any distant relatives or guests. You could even just use the attic conversion to upgrade your previous attic into a more organised space for storing your personal belongings. One of the main reasons why homeowners opt for attic conversions is the fact that this type of conversion can up the value of your house.

A side note for the readers who plan on doing an attic conversion - always be sure to read through the past testimonials from previous clients on contractors’ websites. Ensure that, if you are in South Africa, the contracting company you hire for your attic conversion, dormer structure or dormer window follows all SABS building regulations and that there is some form of guarantee on the structure they have built. That way, in cases where there are any damages to the structure, they can fix it for you free of charge. 

When looking online to find contractors for your attic conversion and installation of a dormer structure with dormer windows, you should make sure to look at their online gallery to see if you are satisfied with the quality of work they do. You should also investigate whether they abide by the construction laws of the country you are in to ensure that the attic conversion is done legally, following all building rules and regulations. 

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