What to Look for While Choosing Motorcycle Eyewear

Posted by guarddogs on January 22nd, 2020

A rider can protect his eyes without compromising clarity with the use of "Prescription Biker Glasses". These glasses are specially designed to protect your eyes from harmful conditions while allowing you to see the path ahead clearly. They are especially applied to the lenses and designed for individuals who have a corrective prescription. They are also available in sunglasses and provides the quality and clarity of prescription glasses. 

If you are opting for Airsoft Eyewear, make sure that these sunglasses are equipped with the following qualities: 

Protection in extreme weather conditions: These glasses are specially designed for motorcycle riders to protect their eyes from wind, dust, rain, and other elements such as particles of stones that may cause damage to the eye or cause a serious issue with your vision. Therefore, make sure that the motorcycle sunglasses you choose can adequately protect your eyes in extreme weather or environmental conditions. 

Protection from UV rays: To protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays from the sun, make sure you choose sunglasses that provide you 100% protection from UV rays. Almost all current prescription sunglasses are available with 99%-100% protection from the UV rays. Nevertheless, make sure you purchase quality sunglasses. Some of the cheaper ones don't provide the proper protection needed and can be dangerous for your eyes. 

Shatter and scratch-resistant coating: You need to find glasses that can protect against the impact of dust and debris and have durable lenses. These lenses have a clear coating applied to the lenses making the surface up to 10 times harder than uncoated lenses. these lenses provide excellent resistance from scratches and protection against daily abuse. 

Anti-fog coating: Many times, you find lenses that get fogged up and that can interfere with your vision. That is why you need to find glasses that can let the heat escape and safeguard yourself from the safety hazards as well.  

Foam padding:  Foam padding around the edges of the frame and lens increases protection from airborne debris and is recommended for dusty or windy environments.  

Choose comfortable sunglasses: The design of the sunglasses should be comfortable enough to wear for extended periods. Uncomfortable sunglasses may divert your concentration which can be dangerous in certain circumstances. Furthermore, there are high-quality sunglasses on the market available with climate control ability as well. Such features help you sustain all kinds of weather with ease.

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