What Are The Various Shipping Options For Importing Goods From China?

Posted by Andrew Philips on January 22nd, 2020

When one has to import the goods from China, then there are several considerations. Some of them are the costs and the time involved in the whole process and many more. Usually, the people opt for China post parcel tracking to have the best of the services. 

Choosing the best option will depend upon the circumstances and situations of the people who want to import the goods from china. Following are the 2 major decisions to be made in such cases:

1. Which shipping method to choose?

2. Which party will be responsible to manage the whole process?

Cost is not the only factor to be considered always. The concern of the customers and delivering the best goods to them at the correct time intervals is another important consideration. There are different costs and different periods associated with different options. Some of the most common options have been mentioned as follows and choosing them will completely depend upon the circumstances of the companies. 

1. The option of normal regular post:

This is the most common post and most regular service which can take approximately 2-5 weeks to arrive. This is the friendliest option in terms of costs. One can even track the parcel using these kinds of options. This is most preferred for the people who can wait.

2. The option of express courier:

This is the option of combing the transportation with the courier services. This is not so common in china but still is practically possible. 

This is the most efficient and fast delivery service which can take 2-5 business days to reach anywhere.

This is the most efficient and effective service which never fails to satisfy the customers. The people can also track the parcels using these kinds of services.

The various merits of such services will depend upon the weight of the parcels.

3. The option of air freight:

This is the best and the most cost-efficient option in the cases of huge weighted parcels. The cost is quite affordable in comparison to the courier services.

This is combined with strict deadlines and security related things as well. The transit time is 2-10 days and is not bad. 

There are many things like documentation that needs to be presented at the time of receiving the parcel and this can be practically difficult sometimes. In case the weight of the parcel is more than 250 kg then one must go for this option.

4. The option of sea freight:

This can be done for a massive amount of goods and the costs will be divided using this option. There can be a huge diversity of cargo using this option and one can go with this.

This can take from 3-60 days and the period is very large. 

There are huge documentation formalities that are to be presented at the warehouse at the time of receiving the goods. This can be economical in the cases of bulky purchases only and only the people who can wait for long must go with this option.

Using any of the options, people can use China post tracking to find out where the parcel has reached.

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