Tower Clocks Bring Publicity To Corporate Buildings And Brands

Posted by Chomko LA on January 23rd, 2020

A clock tower is a sign of majesty and an important landmark in the map of a town or city. it can be a crown jewel in the makeup of a corporate building or show of solidarity with a town hall. The clock could be an imposing disciplinarian in a school or college campus and a respected symbol that reminds city folks of the time that has gone by. Tower clocks have always earned place of respect in a town history and you can rewrite it by installing one at your establishment or campus.

Stand unfazed against elements

The clocks are built solid with metal casing that does not allow water and other natural elements to penetrate. Advanced technology allows the clock to obtain accurate time from GPS, Wi-Fi or LAN and solar batteries keep them energized without the use of mains power or long electric cables. The clock face can be customized to show your corporate or educational institution’s theme, logo or name and the clock face can be as big as 5-meters across and above. Manufacturers will customize these clocks and install them in special structures that are either a part of an existing structure or the one that will be specially built for the purpose. No high velocity wind or blistering blizzards can make a difference on the structure and the clock will serve bravely in the face of adversity.

Maintenance free digital clocks

Digital clocks have come to replace analog technology because of their versatility and ability to cope with associated technology. Digital clocks can obtain time from time satellites and they can also sustain themselves with solar energy. The clocks won’t need synchronization by human, and will autonomously operate for years without going through substantial maintenance or upgrade. Large outdoor digital clocks can light up the face of a corporate building and announce its presence in a big way. These clocks can be integrated in to the wall face and make them appear part of the building. Four faced building clocks are complete in showing time as it will cover all directions and in the process make the establishment’s presence known throughout. 

These clocks are self lubricant and a special reservoir that stores oil lubricates the clock hands to produce optimum performance. the building clock of larger size does not need special maintenance as it takes care of itself and the manufacturers ensure that they are self sustaining in terms of time update, power and maintenance.

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